Academic Calendar

Beasley School of Law at Temple University, Japan Campus operates on an American academic calendar with thirteen-week semesters in fall and spring and a ten-week semester in the summer. The spring semester runs from January to early May. The fall semester begins in late August or early September and ends in early December, and the summer semester runs from mid-May to early August.

Note about the New Student Orientation

Every semester, on a weekend before classes start, the law program holds an orientation for all new local students. On Saturday, all new local students must attend the first hour of orientation as it discusses our policies and procedures. After the first hour, any new students who have not studied under the common law tradition must attend the one-day seminar on common law legal analysis.

Last updated: February 8, 2019

Spring 2019

January 5 (Saturday) New Local Student Orientation
January 7 (Monday) JD Student Orientation
January 8 (Tuesday) First day of classes
March 4-9 (Mon. - Sat.) Spring break (no classes)
April 15 (Monday) Last day of classes
April 17 (Wednesday) First day of exams
April 27 (Saturday) Last day of exams

Summer 2019

May 11 (Saturday) New Local Student Orientation
May 13 (Monday) First day of classes
July 27 (Saturday) Last day of classes
July 29 (Monday) First day of exams
August 3 (Saturday) Last day of exams

Fall 2019

August 31 (Saturday) New Local Student Orientation
September 2 (Monday) First day of classes
November 30 (Saturday) Last day of classes
December 2 (Monday) First day of exams
December 10 (Tuesday) Last day of exams