Celebrating 35 years of Educating Students as Global Citizens

In 2017 Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) celebrates its 35th year of providing unique educational and research opportunities to students and faculty from around the world as the oldest, largest and leading foreign institution of higher education in Japan.

List of Events

To mark the occasion a series of public events have been organized during the fall 2017 academic term:

"UNHCR Refugee Film Festival - School Partners" at TUJ

UNHCR Refugee Film Festival Logo

Developed and organized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for the past 12 years and hosted by TUJ for the first time as an official "school partner", the event will feature a documentary highlighting the lives of individual refugees across the world.

Organized by TUJ Communications and Marketing Support
For more information contact: tujpr@tuj.temple.edu.


A pop-up art gallery of memorabilia from the school's archive highlighting unique, interesting and important moments in TUJ's history from 1982-2017.

Organized by Professor Tina Saunders
For more information contact TUJ Institutional Advancement: tujdev@tuj.temple.edu.

35th Anniversary Symposium

Collage photo of Rich Joslyn, Kirk Patterson, and Bruce Stronach.

"Developing a Successful Overseas Branch Campus: TUJ Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

A symposium on the history, mission and academic vision behind the creation of a successful and thriving American institution of higher education in Japan, including institutional strengths and strategies that led to TUJ's success, and its plan for the future. The event features two former deans of TUJ, Rich Joslyn and Kirk Patterson, and the current dean, Bruce Stronach.

Organized by the Office of the Dean at TUJ.
To be held at Showa Women's University (SWU)

Aurora Hall, 6F of Building 8
Showa Woman's University Campus

Registration deadline is October 6.

The 2017 Alumni Reunion

Event 5 Thumbnail Photo

A special anniversary party for Temple University alumni, faculty & staff, students & special guests organized to mark the past 35 years and to celebrate the new TUJ and SWU initiative.

Registration deadline is October 6.

2017 Minato Citizen's University at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ)

Banner image of 2017 Minato Citizen's University at Temple University, Japan Campus.

A series of five public lectures on the theme of "35 years," organized as part of "Minato Citizen's University," an adult education initiative of Minato City and local institutions of higher education. In this series, TUJ faculty will examine what the past 35 years has meant in the context of their areas of expertise. TUJ has been offering the only courses in English since 2007, with approximately 2,000 residents taking part to date.

Organized by TUJ Community Relations, Office of the Dean

Registration deadline is October 20 at 17:00.

The Executive Leadership Series at TUJ

"The Impact of E-Commerce on Global Business" by Jasper Cheung, President of Amazon Japan.

First in a new series of small-group, inter-active conversations hosted by TUJ with senior executives discussing the current economic, political, technologic, social and policy issues transforming industry.

By invitation only.

Organized by Professor Tina Saunders
For more information contact TUJ Institutional Advancement: tujdev@tuj.temple.edu.

An Exhibition of Artwork by Students, Alumni and Faculty

Organized by Professors Kaoru Sakurai and Shinya Watanabe

Alumni Success Stories

A Film Festival featuring interviews with successful alumni from the disciplines and programs at TUJ.

Organized by Professors Ronald Carr, Irene Herrera and Karl Neubert


TedxTUJ logo

Part of the international TEDx series, this event is on the theme of IMPACT / TUJ highlighting the school's unique role in higher education in Japan.

Organized by the TEDxTUJ student group

ICAS Reception

TUJ Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies Logo

A special reception for ICAS fellows, supporters, speakers and friends.

By Invitation Only

For More Information contact TUJ Institutional Advancement: tujdev@tuj.temple.edu

About TUJ

TUJ was established in Tokyo in June 1982 as the Japan campus of Temple University, a U.S. comprehensive public research university located in Philadelphia, PA. Temple University was the first foreign university to realize the importance of having a presence in Japan at a time when the country was reaching the pinnacle of international prominence following three decades of postwar economic growth. Temple's example was soon followed by many other foreign universities.

Today, TUJ is the only foreign university undergraduate and graduate branch campus remaining from the original 1980's wave of institution building. It has persevered with Japan through the country's travails from the collapse of the bubble era and subsequent "lost decade" of the 1990s, to the tragedy of the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

That TUJ remains in Japan, where others have faltered, is a testament to Temple University's commitment to Japan and to international higher education. In partial recognition of this commitment, TUJ won formal recognition by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in February 2005 and was officially designated a Foreign University, Japan Campus.

In June 2017, TUJ announced a new initiative with Showa Women's University (SWU) to share a campus in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. TUJ will move its entire operation from its current locations in Minato-ku, Tokyo by September 2019 to a dedicated six-story building on SWU's existing campus. This agreement is the first of its kind between Japanese and American universities and marks an unprecedented step to promote the globalization of Japanese universities, and re-affirms the commitment of Temple University to Japan.

A new chapter in TUJ's 35-year history begins.