We offer solutions for

  1. Building an English training program based on the TOEIC® Institutional Test (Group Test)
  2. Implementing a blended program to improve both TOEIC® scores and practical skills, such as speaking, presentation, and e-mail writing
  3. Using the TOEIC® Institutional Test (Group Test) as a measurement criteria

Sample Solutions

TOEIC® and Business Communication Skills

If you are using the TOEIC® IT as one of your assessment tools, we can help you create courses which focus on corporate communication skills. Our instructors know essential business communication skills and TOEIC® test-taking skills and will help your employees acquire both set of skills.

TOEIC® and Active Skills

TOEIC® scores are used to measure the general English knowledge of corporate employees. Our training programs improve not only TOEIC® skills, but also active communication skills such as speaking and writing of those who use English frequently.

Motivation Management

To motivate your staff at various career stages, we encourage you to use appropriate assessment tools.

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