We help develop leadership and organizational innovation capabilities at all levels, from young employees to executives. We work with clients to design contents and approaches based on the competencies of each role (In case a competency model is not available, we use a generic model).

In the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) environment, in particular, it is necessary to have a "Ba (Learning Space)" where participants intentionally face knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields that go beyond their own specialized fields. Beyond the resources of Temple University, Japan Campus, we involve university lecturers and professional facilitators from throughout Japan. It is possible to incorporate interdisciplinary elements such as psychology, sociology, geopolitics, philosophy, religion, and art, not to mention introspective leadership training and innovation training with idea generation methods. Online courses and webinars can be organically blended with a face-to-face model.

In addition to classroom lectures, we encourage clients to incorporate drama training to become more sensitive to mindsets, visits to science and technology research institutes and private companies to gain access to the latest knowledge, and activities to understand current social issues, such as visiting nursing homes and impoverished areas, and engaging people with disabilities and difficulties, through collaboration with NGOs and NPOs.

Through guided reflection, participants deepen their awareness and experience in this intentionally expanded learning space that we apply to management and innovation fields.

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