Business Cases

We can provide solutions for business situations such as these:

  1. TOEIC® scores are used to interpret employees' English ability. However, there are some inconsistencies between their scores and practical ability to communicate. Is there a way to supplement the TOEIC® scores and assess employees' abilities more accurately?
  2. There are various tests to measure speaking and/or writing skills. But which one is most suitable and how can the target level for employees be set?
  3. Which assessment system is most motivating to our staff?

Implementing an Assessment System

The test contents for the assessment system must reflect the communication skills your company needs. Before implementing an assessment system, it is important to define specific skills and set a target level.

We have developed our own business communication skills assessment system based on our educational expertise and training experience. We can also implement assessment systems utilizing standardized tests, such as TOEIC® and GTEC®.

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