Scholarships for Continuing Students

Every year Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) offers a variety of scholarships to qualified undergraduate students. Scholarship recipients will receive partial tuition remission for the relevant semester. TUJ awards some scholarships to those students demonstrating both merit and need. Priority will be given to applicants who are not recipients of other scholarships, stipends, or grants that cover a substantial portion of tuition. No student will be given a TUJ scholarship which would result in an award or payment in excess of 100% of tuition (not including fees or housing). If, subsequent to an award of a TUJ scholarship but prior to payment, other scholarships, stipends, or grants are offered to a student the amount of the TUJ scholarship will be reduced accordingly.

To be eligible for an Undergraduate Scholarship, students must:

All students applying for a Continuing Student Scholarship in the following semester must be currently enrolled full-time (i.e., at least 12 credit hours in Spring and Fall or 9 credit hours in Summer), but students on Leave of Absence (or taking the Summer off, which is viewed as a de facto one-semester LOA) are eligible to apply for Undergraduate Program Continuing Student Scholarships if they meet the requirements for application in the semester immediately prior to the beginning of their LOA. Students in their first semester at TUJ will not be eligible to apply.

Applicants who receive an award and who plan to enroll part time in the semester toward which the scholarship will apply require special approval from the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Request forms are available in the AAC. Please note that this is a different approval from that necessary for visa-related under-loading.

In order to apply for a scholarship

Applicants must submit (via online links described in the Undergraduate Continuing Student Scholarship email sent out approximately two weeks before the application deadline, which can be found on the TUJ Undergraduate Program Academic Calendar for a given semester):

  1. A personal statement
  2. Two academic references from faculty (and an optional non-academic reference from a staff member)
  3. A complete copy of the applicant's academic history
  4. Other supporting documents in certain cases

Additional details will be explained in the Scholarship Application email.

The Scholarship Committee will review qualifying applications and may interview certain candidates. Scholarship award winners will be notified via TU mail. The decisions of Scholarships Committee are final and not subject to appeal; the Committee does not discuss individual cases (neither the Chair, nor any other member of the Undergraduate Continuing Scholarship Committee, will comment or otherwise engage in communication about individual awards or lack thereof).