FAQ about Academic Advising

Last update: January 2017

Advising Appointment

How can I make an appointment with an advisor?

Please first reference this FAQ to see if your question can be answered below. If not, you can make an appointment online below. The AAC will reply via e-mail to confirm your appointment within 2 business days.

Alternatively, you may come to the AAC front desk to schedule an appointment. Please do not forget to bring your TU ID card.

Faculty Information

Where can I find my instructor's e-mail address?

Please refer to the Temple University Directory.

Where can I find my instructor's office hours?

You can find the office hours and/or their e-mail below.


Where can I check my PIN for course registration?

You can find your PIN number on TUportal "Advising Sessions".

I cannot register for a class online.

You cannot register if...

  • you are a non-matriculated student. You need to register with an advisor.
  • you are on academic warning. You need to meet with an advisor first.
  • you are on academic probation. You need to register with an advisor.
  • you have chosen the wrong semester (e.g. Summer 2017 II is NOT available at TUJ. Summer 2017 I must be selected).
  • you have used a wrong PIN. Please refer to the Advising Session Report.
  • the course requires pre-requisites. Please check with an advisor for more information.

I have already completed the prerequisites for the course. How do I register?

To remove the restriction, please fill out and submit the Registration Form for Restricted Courses to the AAC.

I would like to register for more than 18 credits.

The petition for credit overload is normally considered only if your GPA is 3.0 or higher (to register for more than 21 credits, you need 3.5 or higher). If you meet the criterion, please consult with an advisor.

I repeated the same course twice and did not pass. What should I do?

Please fill out the Petition for Third Registration for the Same Course form first and make an appointment to meet with the Director of the AAC. This policy also applies to Bridge Program students. You must fill out the form prior to the meeting or we will ask you to reschedule your appointment.

I would like to withdraw from a course.

You may withdraw from a course online until the semester withdrawal deadline. If you are a non-degree seeking student you must fill out the hardcopy registration form.

I am interested in applying for a credit internship.

Please set up an appointment with the Career Development Office to get more information. If your internship has been approved, please complete and submit the TUJ Internship Approval Form to the Registrar's Office by the deadline.

I would like to do an independent study.

Please consult with your major or area coordinator. If your major coordinator has approved your independent study, please fill out and submit the Application Form for Independent Studies Courses to the Registrar's Office by the deadline.

Leave of Absence (LoA)

How do I petition for LoA?

Please refer to the Leave of Absence section.

I have a question about taking Summer semester off.

There is no "Summer Leave of Absence" request, however, if you are a TUJ Visa sponsored student please speak with the visa coordinator at the Office of Student Services (OSS).

Studying at Temple Main Campus or Another Institution

I would like to talk about transferring to Main Campus (Intra-University Transfer, IUT).

Please make an appointment with the Advisor for Intra-University Transfer and attend an information session.

I would like to take courses at one of our exchange program Japanese partner universities.

Please make an appointment with the Advisor for Credit Transfer & Student Exchange Programs at the AAC.

I plan on studying abroad somewhere.

Please make an appointment with the Advisor for Study Abroad Programs.


I want to apply for graduation.

The graduation application is available online. Please see the instructions provided on the page below.

How can I change my diploma mailing address?

Please send an e-mail to aac@tuj.temple.edu with the new mailing address.

Transfer Credits

I want to request a course re-evaluation.

If the course is for a GenEd requirement, please submit the course syllabus to the AAC. It will take approximately 10 days to be processed. (for any English Composition course, it will take longer)

If the course is for the major requirement, please fill out and take the Transfer Course Evaluation Form with your syllabus to your major coordinator first. Upon the major coordinator's review and recommendation, the AAC will review your request and make the final decision.


I would like to discuss disability accommodations for my classes.

Please contact the coordinator at the Disability Resources and Services (DRS) office.

What if I encounter an emergency that affects my ability to complete courses?

Please contact your instructors immediately and explain your situation to them and discuss how your absences may affect your final grades.

If deemed necessary after discussing with instructors, students may request an Incomplete grade or Withdrawal with Excuses. Please contact an advisor for more details.