Study Abroad in Japan

The next Study Abroad in Japan is scheduled for Summer semester 2018 (beggining of May to beggining of August). We plan to open applications for both the program in late January.

In the Study Abroad in Japan (SAJ) program, participants will learn academic English and take classes that are similar to general education classes offered at American universities. Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is an American university located in Japan, so you can experience "studying in an American university" in Tokyo and improve your English in an international environment where students from more than 60 countries worldwide study. For three months, participants will come to TUJ every weekday and study in four kinds of English classes and a workshop. All classes are held only in English.

Special Features of This Program


  • Participants have opportunities to socialize with current TUJ students in class, as well as in extracurricular activities. (About 63% of undergraduate students are non-Japanese nationals.)
  • All instructors are English-teaching professionals who have Master’s and/or Doctorate degrees in the field of teaching English.
  • This program may possibly be accepted as a credit exchange program at some universities.

Spring Semester 2018

Wednesday, January 10 – Friday, April 20, 2018
Days & Time:
Monday-Friday 8:30-17:30 (time varies depending on the day)
Taking classes only on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, or Tuesday/Thursday are also possible
Temple University, Japan Campus, Azabu Hall(Access
  • University students and other adults (high school graduates only) who wish to improve academic English, or enter a college or graduate school overseas.
  • College students and other adults who have a minimum English standard test score of TOEFL iBT 45*, or equivalent English proficiency.
    *From Summer 2018, the required score will rise to a minimum score of 53 on the TOEFL iBT.
Maximum Enrollment:
15 (If the maximum enrollment is reached before the application deadline, registration will be closed)
594,750 yen (Tax included)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday only: 369,750 yen (Tax included)
Tuesday/Thursday only: 344,750 yen (Tax included)
*Library and Computer Lab usage fees are also included
Application Deadline:
Friday, January 5, 2018.
Apply to SAJ
Application deadline has passed. Thank you for your submissions.


  • We can only accept Japanese nationals or those who are allowed to study in Japan for full semesters of the Study Abroad in Japan program, due to visa related issues.
  • Please be aware that courses cannot be offered in the event that there are insufficient number of applicants.
  • Please contact the AEP first if you are a student of Toyo University, Musashi University or Meiji University. These are TUJ’s partner institutions, and may have different conditions for applications.

For those without a student visa:

Only those without a student visa are allowed to take the half-semester course. Please contact AEP first, if you wish to apply for the half-semester course.

  • Dates (*There will be no Final Advising)
    • Monday-Friday: Wednesday, January 10 – Tuesday, February 27, 2018
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Wednesday, January 10 – Wednesday, February 28, 2018
    • Tuesday/Thursday: Wednesday, January 10 – Thursday, February 22, 2018
  • Fee (*Library and Computer Lab usage fees are also included)
    • Monday-Friday: 319,750 yen (Tax included)
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 207,250 yen (Tax included)
    • Tuesday/Thursday: 194,750 yen (Tax included)

Program Structure

Image photo of the class
Image photo of the class

Reading-based Writing (7 hours/week, offered on Mon/Wed/Fri)

After reading articles and other academic texts on various themes, students complete essays based on the information they obtain from the reading sources.

Pre-General Education (6 hours/week, offered on Tue/Thu)

This is an American-style class based on a General Education course offered at Temple University. Students are required to participate in lectures, take notes, engage in discussions, do research, and also give presentations. Examples of the topics include "Language in Society" and "Race and Ethnicity in American Cinema" in Social Sciences, and "Education in the Global City" and "Intellectual Heritage" in Humanities.

Academic Skills A – Fluency (3 hours/week, offered on Mon/Wed/Fri)

Students have discussions and give presentations based on short academic readings, participants have discussion and give presentations.

Academic Skills B – Accuracy (3 hours/week, offered on Tue/Thu)

Focused on "accuracy," and students learn college-level grammar and expressions for speaking and writing.

Tutorial – Independent Study (3 hours/week, offered on Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thu)

2-4 students take a class as a group. The project theme will be decided based on students’ interest. They make plans, manage the project, and do research for three months with the instructor’s help. Another part of this class is to write a report after participating in school activities with foreign students from TUJ.
*All students will take this course regardless of your class days.

Small Classes and Class Placement

We conduct classes in small groups. In the case where a group must be split into two or more classes, participants’ English levels will be determined by their TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Interactions with International students from TUJ's UG Program

Students have opportunities to interact with not only native English speakers but also other TUJ UG students who are from various countries. Students from about 60 countries study at TUJ, and more than 60% of TUJ's UG student body are non-Japanese.

Photos: scenes of student activities

2018 Spring Semester Schedule

Date Event
January 10 (Wed) Orientation
January 15 (Mon) – April 16 (Mon) Class
April 20 (Fri) Final Advising

SAJ will be offered 3 times a year.

Class Schedule (Sample)

14-15 weeks/22 hours per week
If taking only Mon/Wed/Fri classes: 13 hours per week.
If taking only Tue/Thur classes: 12 hours per week


Subjects Time Hours per Week Hours in Total Recommended Credits*
Reading-based Writing 8:50-9:50
7 Hours Approx. 82 Hours 6-7
Academic Skills A - Fluency 13:00-14:00 3 Hours Approx. 35 Hours 2-3
Tutorial - Independent Study 14:10-15:10 3 Hours Approx. 35 Hours 2-3


Subjects Time Hours per Week Hours in Total Recommended Credits*
Tutorial - Independent Study 8:40-10:10 3 Hours Approx. 35 Hours 2-3
Academic Skills B - Accuracy 10:20-11:50 3 Hours Approx. 35 Hours 2-3
Pre-General Education 14:10-15:40
6 Hours Approx. 70 Hours 6

*Please consider this is an indication of transferring credits to each university.

Message from the Dean

Bruce Stronach
Dean, Temple University, Japan Campus

The drastic drop in the number of Japanese students enrolled in overseas institutions during the latter half of the decade of the 2000s has highlighted the need to revitalize study abroad for Japanese universities. Many studies, including the CULCON Education Task Force recommendations to the then President Obama and Prime Minister Abe, have made clear the benefit of study abroad in fostering global talent and strengthening global competitiveness.

However, for various reasons, not all students have the opportunity to participate in their university's study abroad program. That is why we have developed the SAJ program here at TUJ.

TUJ has the educational curriculum of an American university, all classes are taught in English, and it has the same liberal arts education philosophy of an American university. Our student body is very diverse, with students from approximately 60 different countries (41% American, 37% Japanese, others 22%*) all interacting in the classroom.

I hope that you meet international instructors and students from various countries, broaden your horizons and improve your global citizenship through this program.

*As of June 2017

Application Procedures

Please apply using the online application form.

Apply to SAJ

Application is now closed for the above semester.

Note: Please be aware that courses cannot be offered in the event that there are insufficient numbers of applicants.

Temple University, Japan Campus Academic English Program

2-8-12 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047, Japan (Access)

Weekdays 9:00-17:30 (Japan Time)