Visa-holds and Related Sanctions

Failure to comply with the regulations, procedures, and instructions from the university regarding your visa may result in a fine and/or revocation of TUJ’s sponsorship of your visa. In addition, TUJ may place a visa-hold on your student account.

A visa-hold will prevent you from:

  1. registering for courses and
  2. receiving transcripts, certificates or a diploma.

In order to remove a visa-hold on your account you will need to pay any fines assessed, provide the documents requested, and complete any related Student Code of Conduct disciplinary procedures.

Fines for failing to file visa-related documents in a timely manner, as noted in the Visa Regulations section of this website, will be assessed as follows:

  1. First Violation: ¥10,000
  2. Second Violation: ¥20,000
  3. Third Violation: ¥30,000

In addition to the above fines, TUJ may institute Student Code of Conduct proceedings following any visa violation. Irrespective of any Student Code of Conduct proceeding, TUJ will presumptively withdraw sponsorship of any visa following the third violation.