Arrival and Check-in

Arrival in Japan

Student visa holders may enter Japan no earlier than 14 days before the first day of new student orientations.

New Student Orientation

New student orientation is mandatory for all new visa-sponsored students. Orientation is designed to help new students acclimate to TUJ, life in Japan, and to receive important information on visa-related TUJ and Immigration policies.

Updating Your Address in Japan in Self-Service Banner (SSB)

All visa sponsored students are required to maintain a permanent foreign and Japan address. You need to update your mailing address in Self-Service Banner (SSB) at the start of the semester. The mailing address in SSB should always match the current address on your Residence Card. To review and update your personal information, log on to TUportal, go to Self-service Banner and update your address.

Part-Time Work Permission

International students on a student visa can get permission to work (Shikakugai katsudo kyoka) at the port of entry when they arrive in Japan for the first time. Students may work only when they are enrolled in classes and only when it is clear that working is not adversely affecting their studies. If you are not enrolled in classes, you are NOT permitted to work. Newly admitted students are not allowed to use their work permission to work on or off campus before the start of classes.