Visa Extension

Last update: August 2019

When you use your student visa to enter Japan, a "landing permission" (jyoriku kyoka) stamp is placed in your passport. This landing permission shows how long you are allowed to stay in Japan with your current visa status (as a "Student"). Your landing permission may be valid for six months or up to two years and three months. You must be aware of the expiration date of your landing permission. Your landing permission expiration date is also written on your Residence Card as "period of stay."

You must apply for a landing permission extension (commonly called a “visa extension”) before your landing permission expires. Visa extension (zairyu kikan koshin kyoka) applications can be made starting 90 days prior to expiration.

Decisions whether or not to act as a sponsor for a student visa or otherwise to assist students with visa-related processes are made by TUJ in its sole discretion. TUJ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, not to provide visa sponsorship or assistance with visa-related processes, including but not limited to support or assistance for a visa extension. Please note that, to satisfy Immigration requirements, it is TUJ policy that, with limited exceptions, all students on student visas must be enrolled at TUJ full-time every semester including summer semester while residing in Japan and must be making steady progress to earn a degree within 4 years (less if you are a transfer student), by taking courses that are required for a diploma and earning satisfactory grades. In exercising its discretion regarding whether to endorse a student’s application for a visa extension, TUJ will consider, among other factors, whether a student is making steady progress to earn a degree.

Important Notes

Applying for Visa Extension

You can apply to extend your visa starting from 90 days prior to its expiration. You must make this application on your own at the Japan Immigration Bureau. Prior to visiting Immigration, you will need TUJ’s endorsement on your application. Please prepare the required documents and make an appointment with the visa coordinator ( no later than 30 days prior to the expiration date printed on your residence card. Please see the application procedure and requirements in the PDF (Student Visa Extension Application Information) below. See the map to the Immigration Bureau here.

Please note that a fine for failing to file extension of landing permission-related documents in a timely manner to the visa coordinator will be assessed as described in the Visa Holds and Related Sanctions section.