LOA and Returning to TUJ

Fall / Spring Semester LOA

If you do not intend to take courses at TUJ during the forthcoming fall and/or spring semester, then you must:

  1. Follow the instructions listed here and submit a Leave of Absence application in TUportal before you leave Japan or no later than 17:00 of the last day to drop a course for the semester you will be on leave at the latest.
  2. Submit contact information, departure date, and expected return date to the visa coordinator by email (visa@tuj.temple.edu) before you leave Japan. Without this information, your status may be incorrectly reported to the Immigration Bureau.
  3. Leave Japan within 30 days of the last day of the semester before you take your Leave of Absence (LOA), or within 30 days of the day you submit the Undergraduate Leave of Absence Petition (whichever date is later). You must leave Japan and remain outside of Japan for the duration of the semester(s) for which you are taking an LOA.
  4. At the beginning of the semester after you return from your LOA, visit the Office of Student Services (OSS) with your passport no later than 17:00 of the last day to drop a course for that semester. The visa coordinator will verify your exit and re-entry stamps to confirm your compliance with LOA policies; specifically, that you indeed left and returned to Japan as directed.
  5. If you wish to extend your LOA, you must resubmit the LOA application in TUportal and notify respective departments including OSS.

Important Notes

Depending on your landing permission’s expiration date and/or when you intend to return to TUJ, you may be able to return on your current visa status or you may need to apply for a new student visa by following the TUJ visa application process. Please consult the visa coordinator regarding your particular situation before you submit your LOA application.

You are not allowed to use your work permit and work part-time in Japan while you are on academic leave. The work permission is given only when students are enrolled in classes. You must remain outside of Japan for the entirety of your LOA if you are not enrolled at TUJ.

Please note that a fine for failure to timely file LOA-related documents will be assessed as described in the Visa Holds and Related Sanctions.

Returning to TUJ after Being Away for More than One Semester

If you take an LOA from TUJ for any reason, you must consult with the visa coordinator (visa@tuj.temple.edu) prior to your exit from Japan regarding procedures for exiting and re-entering Japan. It may be possible for you to re-enter Japan on your current visa status, or you may need to re-apply for a new student visa.

To re-enter Japan, you must first check with the Academic Advising Center (AAC) to confirm that you are academically eligible to return to TUJ. After all departments conclude your academic eligibility, the visa coordinator can send you confirmation of your eligibility.

In the event you require a new student visa, application and processing can take up to 90 days, so you must contact the visa coordinator well in advance of your proposed return. The visa application process and documents for a student visa application are available here. You must adhere to the visa application deadline for the semester that you intend to return to TUJ.