Graduating Students

TUJ can no longer sponsor your visa once you have finished your studies here. Therefore, you must leave Japan within 30 days of your diploma date or by the expiration date of your landing permission, whichever comes first. Follow the instructions for leaving Japan found on the "Withdrawing from the University" page of our website.

You may be able to stay in Japan if you switch to another visa status or find another sponsor. Please read the information provided in this section for more details.

Designated Activity Visa ("Job Hunting Visa")

It is possible to continue looking for employment in Japan after graduating from TUJ by applying for a Designated Activity Visa. You will need to obtain a letter of recommendation from the Career Development Office in order to apply for this visa. Please see their website for more details regarding the criteria for issuance of this letter.

Application for this status change can be made at the Immigration Bureau. The list of documents you need for your application can be found on the Ministy of Justice website. Please contact the Immigration Bureau of Japan for any questions you may have pertaining to the application.

Continuing Your Education in Japan

Please inform the visa coordinator if you plan to enter another institution (language school, graduate school, etc.) in Japan after you graduate from TUJ. If you need to extend your student visa status, please notify the new school immediately. In the current residence management system, you must inform the Immigration Bureau of Japan within 14 days of entering the new school.