Advance Payment

Last update: March 2019

In order to receive your Certificate of Eligibility (COE), all students acquiring a student visa through TUJ must pay an advance payment which is applied to your first semester tuition, housing and some other required fees. Please see the charts below for details on your program.

Undergraduate Program

Tuition (first semester, full-time 12-18 credits) ¥782,000
Visa Application Fee ¥20,600
Matriculation Fee ¥426,900
TUJ Housing (first semester)* ¥420,000
Student Activity Fee ¥3,100
Facilities Fee ¥27,000
Total ¥1,679,600

Bridge Program

Tuition (first semester) ¥524,200
Visa Application Fee ¥20,600
Bridge Entrance Fee ¥221,100
TUJ Housing (first semester)* ¥420,000
Student Activity Fee ¥1,550
Facilities Fee ¥27,000
Total ¥1,214,450


  1. For students accepted for Spring 2020 onward: The ¥36,000 Admission Fee will be replaced with a mandatory ¥36,000 Orientation Fee to be paid as part of the Advance Payment (visa-needed students) or as part of the first tuition invoice (non-visa-needed students).
  2. TUJ Housing for summer semester is ¥340,000.

All tuition and fees are subject to change without written notice. Amounts do not include bank charges, for which the applicant is responsible.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Recipients

Any financial aid or scholarships that you have obtained for your first semester will automatically be deducted from this payment. You will have to pay the remaining balance before we can send your COE to you.

GI Bill Benefits Recipients

If you are covered 100% by the GI Bill, you do not have to make the advance payment. Please be aware that the visa application fee and housing fee are not covered by the GI Bill.