Applying for a new student visa

All non-Japanese students who intend to take classes for more than three months and who do not have a resident, diplomatic, dependent, spousal or other type of visa must acquire a Japanese student visa through TUJ. Students cannot apply for a Japanese student visa independently of TUJ. TUJ will submit visa application documents to the Japanese Immigration Bureau on your behalf.

Changing Visa Status

To change your visa status to a TUJ-sponsored student visa, contact the visa coordinator ( ) in the Office of Student Services (OSS) upon your admission to TUJ. The visa coordinator will provide the best option for your situation and what documentation is required in order to change your status.

TUJ Visa Regulations

Living in Japan on a TUJ-sponsored student visa comes with an added responsibility to understand and adhere to Japanese laws and university policies and regulations regarding your visa status. The Office of Student Services strives to assist students with their transition to Japan and TUJ, but it is the student's responsibility to comply with relevant Japanese laws and procedures and with TUJ visa-related regulations. Review carefully this Visa Regulations section before entering TUJ.

Visa Application Deadlines

Visa application deadlines for each semester are listed under the Admissions section.