Summer 2020 Semester at TUJ

Photo of students getting eat-as-much-as-you-want crab dinner at Japanese onsen hotel in Ikaho
Photo of Oshino-hakkai near mt. Fuji, from one of the student activities trip
Photo of Shirahama beach, from one of the student activities trip
Photo of students enjoying a sports night

Summer-Only Semester or Start Your Degree in Summer

What better time to be in Japan than summer? Summer at TUJ offers a range of undergraduate classes along with topical courses focusing on contemporary Japan, some of which are not available during fall or spring semesters.

Summer in Japan

Highlights of a Japanese summer include climbing Mt. Fuji, attending neighborhood matsuri (festivals), watching spectacular fireworks displays, spending weekends at the beach, and eating summer foods like kaki-gori (shaved ice), cold soba noodles and grilled eel.

Students can also explore other parts of Japan like Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kamakura and Nikko, known for their great natural and architectural beauty.

TUJ’s Office of Student Services organizes activities and events during the summer and throughout the year for TUJ students.

Two Options for Summer Studies at TUJ

1. Summer-Only Study in Japan

Students attending a college or university other than Temple University can take advantage of coming during the summer semester if they are not able to study abroad during the academic year.

Summer-Only Admission Procedures

Summer-Only Admission for students who are not seeking a degree at TUJ, but would like to earn university credits at TUJ during the summer.

This includes students studying at universities outside of the United States. Students earn accredited Temple University credits and can request official transcripts upon completion of the semester. Students should confirm with their home university to determine whether Temple University credits will be accepted toward their degree.

Application Deadline:
February 15 (April 1 if no student visa is required)
Application Process:
Complete an application for admission as a non-degree-seeking student and select "Summer-Only" for type of admission on the application form.
See below
Dormitory or homestay available
Summer-only application fee ¥16,500
Tuition (9 credits) ¥601,200
Student activity fee ¥1,580
Facilities fee ¥27,500
Student visa application fee (if needed) ¥20,900
TUJ housing (dorm or homestay) ¥340,000
Estimated other expenses (food, local transportation, textbooks, etc.) ¥200,000
Estimated total costs ¥1,207,380


2. Start Your Degree at TUJ from the Summer

Prospective TUJ students can also begin a degree program at TUJ from the summer. Scholarships are available for degree-seeking students admitted in the summer, including the Diamond Scholarship, which covers 50% of full-time tuition for a student’s first two semesters and 100% of full-time tuition for up to six additional semesters.

Summer Semester Admission Procedures

Summer Semester Admission for freshman and transfer students who want to begin their bachelor's degree in the summer semester at TUJ.

Application Deadline:
February 15 (April 1 if no student visa is required)
Application Process:
Complete an application for admission and, if needed, a student visa application.
Estimated annual and total costs. Financial aid and scholarships are available.
Dormitory or homestay available, mandatory for all new students requiring a student visa.

Additional Information