Students are admitted as either:

1. Matriculated students

Students intending to complete a degree from Temple University.

2. Permanent non-matriculated students

Students who plan to take fewer than 30 credits at TUJ without earning a degree from Temple University (includes visiting students from other universities).

3. Conditional non-matriculated students

Degree-seeking students who are conditionally admitted to the Undergraduate Program (includes Bridge Program students).

Waitlisted Students

Students who are placed on the waitlist may later be reconsidered for admission. Details will be included in the original admission decision letter.


  • Conditionally admitted students will matriculate upon successful completion of the terms of their acceptance. All other non-matriculated students must apply for matriculation if they wish to complete more than 30 credits at TUJ.
  • Accepted students will be allowed to defer enrollment up to three semesters past their original semester of admission without being required to complete a new application for admission. Students who wish to defer to a future semester must notify TUJ in writing of their intention. Any TUJ merit scholarships awarded would be forfeited and a student would need to request to be reconsidered for scholarships for their new semester of admission.
  • If students are unable to complete any stage of the admissions process (including the visa application) in a timely manner, TUJ reserves the right to cancel or defer a student’s admission.
  • More information on high school diploma and required credits can be found here.

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