Application Fee Payment Online

The application fee can be paid via credit card online. You will receive an e-mail with online payment instructions after filling out the online application form. If you are from a TUJ-affiliated school, the application fee is waived.

If you are applying as a regular student:

Application Fee (non-refundable): ¥10,300

Within one month of admission to TUJ, applicants are required to pay a ¥36,000 non-refundable Admission Fee. This fee confirms intention to enroll and secures a place at TUJ. Instructions on how to pay the admission fee will be sent along with the admissions decision. For students accepted for Spring 2020 onward, the ¥36,000 Admission Fee will be replaced with a mandatory ¥36,000 Orientation Fee to be paid as part of the Advance Payment (visa-needed students) or as part of the first tuition invoice (non-visa-needed students)

Prospective students applying for a Japanese student visa through TUJ must pay a visa application fee of ¥20,600 as a part of the Advance Payment.

If you are applying as a Summer-only student:

Summer-only Application Fee: ¥16,200