FAQ for Newly Accepted Students

Last update: March 2020


Do I have to pay an Admission Fee to reserve my spot?

There are no advanced fees such as an admission fee to pay upon acceptance. Students receiving new visa-sponsorship will be sent an advance payment invoice that must be paid upon completion of the visa application process.

All new students will receive an updated invoice with tuition and fees on the first day of classes of their starting semester.

What is the "Matriculation Fee?"

Matriculated students are those who have applied, been accepted, and enrolled in a degree program of the university during the semester for which they were admitted. The matriculation fee confirms a student’s intention of graduating from TUJ with a degree. This fee is included on the first statement sent from the university.

Transfer Credits

How many credits transferred / what classes transferred?

Consult your transfer credit evaluation results through the Next Steps channel in TUportal. More information about transfer credits can be found in the Transfer Credit FAQ (PDF: 179KB). Note that outside of the transfer credit evaluation results, TUJ does not offer any academic advising until New Student Orientation. Check Self-Service Banner on TUportal before the start of the semester to view any additional transfer credits that may have been evaluated

I am sending updated transcripts. Will the evaluations be ready in time for Orientation?

Your updated transfer credit evaluations may not be ready in time for New Student Orientation. You will not receive an updated transfer credit evaluation report. Instead, check Self-Service Banner on TUportal before the start of the semester to view any additional transfer credits that may have been evaluated. TUJ will not actively reach out to let students know their transcripts have been received so if you have questions about their status, contact your TUJ representative.

Class Schedule

When do I register for classes?

Class registration for new students will take place at New Student Orientation.

How long is the semester?

Consult the Academic Calendar..

When are undergraduate holidays?

Consult the Academic Calendar.


What do I bring with me to Orientation?

Bring a pen, pad of paper, and a form of photo ID. If you are a visa-sponsored student at TUJ, bring your passport and residence card as well.

I already took math / English subjects at my previous school. Do I need to take the Placement Assessments?

Many students entering TUJ, even those with previous credits in math and English, will be required to take the Math and English Assessments. Placement Assessments are taken through the Next Steps Channel in TUportal once they become available. More information regarding transfer credits and Placement Assessments will be provided once the Assessments become available.

Can my family come to New Student Orientation?

Seating is very limited at New Student Orientation and priority is given to students. Parents and family members are therefore asked not to attend Orientation. In the summer and fall semesters, TUJ hosts a Family Reception for parents and family members to answer their questions regarding TUJ. Students will be contacted at a later date on how to RSVP for this reception.

What will happen during Orientation Week?

Students will receive academic and university information, register for classes, and create their student photo IDs. International students under TUJ visa-sponsorship will also have to attend mandatory sessions on visa regulations and issues on living in Japan.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

(For U.S. students and students with dual citizenship with the U.S. only) When do I get my FAFSA estimate?

As long as you have a FAFSA for the intended academic year on file with Temple University listed, TUJ’s Financial Aid Coordinator will work with Main Campus Student Financial Services (SFS) regarding your FAFSA. OSS will inform you of these estimates during the visa application period of your starting semester. Do not contact Main Campus regarding your financial aid as all U.S. financial aid is coordinated through OSS for TUJ students.

(For U.S. students and students with dual citizenship with the U.S. only) How do I apply for FAFSA?

To learn how to apply for FAFSA at TUJ, consult the Student Financial Services website.

Does TUJ offer scholarships for new students? Did I get a TUJ scholarship?

Scholarship application deadlines for an upcoming semester are found on the TUJ Scholarship webpage. Scholarship decisions are sent out via email about a month after the scholarship deadline. If you completed your application for admissions after the scholarship deadline, you will not be eligible to receive a scholarship. If you receive no email regarding scholarships, it means that you missed the deadline and were ineligible to apply.

Are there other scholarship opportunities if I did not receive a TUJ new student scholarship?

Current students are able to apply for the current student scholarship during the semester if they meet all of the requirements.

For information on non-TUJ scholarships, see our External Scholarship Opportunities webpage.

(For Japanese Students) Are there scholarships or financial aid opportunities for Japanese nationals?

Students with Japanese citizenship or permanent resident status in Japan may have access to some financial aid opportunities..

GI Bill

Does TUJ accept the GI Bill?

Most students at TUJ who are eligible for veterans’ benefits make use of the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Consult with your TUJ representative if you are not sure how your Chapter will apply to TUJ.

How do I get my GI Bill processed at TUJ?

Upon your acceptance, you will have to upload your GI Bill Certificate of Eligibility (GI Bill COE) to the VA app in TUportal. Before the semester starts, you will have to declare your intention to use your benefits in TUportal. Information regarding this will be sent to you before New Student Orientation.


When do I pay tuition?

For students not receiving a new student visa sponsored by TUJ (such as local students from Japan and foreign dependents), you will be sent your first statement of account on the first day of classes.

For students receiving a new student visa sponsored by TUJ, you will be sent an advance payment invoice before receiving the certificate of eligibility (COE) needed to obtain your visa. This advance payment must be paid in full in order to receive your COE needed for the student visa.

Do you have a payment plan?

For students who do not need to make the advance payment, a payment plan is available. Please note that students receiving a new student visa sponsored by TUJ cannot use the payment plan for the advance payment and are only able to use the payment plan starting from their second semester.

Train Pass

Do students get a discounted train pass?

Students are able to get a discounted train pass after receiving their student ID at New Student Orientation and paying their first semester’s tuition and fees. More information about this procedure will be provided at New Student Orientation.

Working as a student

Does TUJ have any on-campus jobs?

There are a limited number of on-campus jobs and students are encouraged to speak with individual departments regarding employment after the start of the semester.

(For students receiving a new student visa from TUJ) How do I obtain Work Permission?

A work permission application form will be emailed to you once we receive your student visa COE and confirm your advanced payment. Complete this work permission application in advance and submit it to the immigration inspector at the airport when you arrive in Japan.

Health Insurance

Does TUJ offer any health insurance plan for students?

TUJ itself does not offer any type of health insurance plan nor is there a campus medical facility. However, students under TUJ visa-sponsorship are legally required to get Japanese National Health Insurance. The procedure for this is explained at New Student Orientation. TUJ also has a list of English-speaking doctors near TUJ and at our student housing.