Summer 2011 Academic Calendar

Monday, May 23 - Wednesday, July 27

Date Description
Thursday, May 12 - Friday, May 20

New Student Orientation Week

Monday, May 23

Semester Begins

Monday, May 23 - Friday, June 3

Walk-in Only Advising

The Academic Advising Center provides advising supports on walk-in basis only. Advising request will not be accepted via e-mails or phone calls during this period.

Friday, May 27

Last Day to Add a Course

Friday, June 3

Last Day to Drop a Course and Receive a Tuition Credit

A course dropped before the deadline will not be recorded. After this date, a student's transcript will reflect the course name and a "W" mark indicating withdrawal from the course.

Monday, June 6

Resumption of Regular Advising

The Academic Advising Center resumes regular appointment-based advising.

Friday, June 24

Major Declaration Application Deadline

Students must be matriculated in the appropriate college, in good academic standing, and otherwise qualified for the major program for which they are applying. A major must be declared before 45 credits are earned.

Friday, July 1

Last Day to Withdraw from a Course

Friday, July 15

Last Day of Regular Undergraduate Classes

Friday, July 15

Deadline for Application for January (Fall 2011) Graduation

Tuesday, July 19 - Wednesday, July 20

Study Days

Thursday, July 21

Final Examinations Begin

Tuesday, July 26

Last Day of Priority Registration for Fall 2011

Continuing students whose initial registration for Fall 2011 is processed after 5:00 p.m. of this date will be charged a late registration fee of 5,250 yen.

Wednesday, July 27 - Friday, August 26

Reduction of Academic Advising for Current Students

The Academic Advising Center shifts its priority to graduation and new student orientation during this period. Advising for the current student will be limited at that time.

Wednesday, July 28

Final Examinations End

Undergraduate Holidays

Monday, July 18
Marine Day