International Business Studies Major Requirements

Declaration in or after Fall 2012

Last update: April 2018

Major Coordinator

William Swinton (

Major Overview

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), located in Tokyo, offers a Bachelor of Science in International Business Studies (IBS). TUJ offers a truly international experience - inside and outside the classroom, as well as among students and faculty. This program will prepare students for a challenging career anywhere in the world.

The IBS program challenges students to integrate international business with language studies, an understanding of world affairs and hands-on internship experience. Students develop the global mindset that multinational firms need in the 21st century.

IBS students work on teams with people of similar backgrounds and with those who are often quite different in how they approach life and their studies. TUJ encourages students not only to be multilingual, but also to understand how to navigate across cultures and borders. The IBS program teaches them to think critically, form a well-reasoned opinion, and then capably express that opinion. This is accomplished through class participation, visits to local businesses, and by bringing savvy international business people in the classroom. With those tools, TUJ graduates move confidently into the world of international business and launch productive, fulfilling and viable global careers.

University and College of Liberal Arts Requirements

Students will follow College of Liberal Arts Baccalaureate (B.A.) Degree Requirements.

Major Requirements

General IBS Core / Non-Business Courses

  Course Title Credits
Math 1021 College Algebra (Minimum grade of C is required) 4
Math 1031 Differential and Integral Calculus 4
Math 2031 Probability and Statistics 3
Economics 1101 Macroeconomic Principles 3
Economics 1102 Microeconomic Principles 3
Select one of the following: 3
Economics 3563 International Trade  
Economics 3564 International Monetary Economics  
Economics 3538 Managerial Economics 3
English 2007 Writing for Business and Industry 3
CLA 2030 Special Topics in Liberal Arts III (Technology in International Business) 3
Political Science 2000 or higher level elective Consult with the Academic Advisor and / or the Major Coordinator 3
Political Science 2321 Politics of the Global Economy (consult with the academic advisor for pre-requisite) 3
Asian Studies 2511 Introduction to Asian Business 3
Economics 3581 Co-op Experience in Economics (Internship) 3
CLA 2020 Special Topics in Liberal Arts II (International Career Strategies) 2

Lower Division Business Courses

  Course Title Credits
Accounting 2101 Financial Accounting 3
Accounting 2102 Managerial Accounting 3
Human Resource Mgt. 1101 Leadership and Organizational Management 3
Marketing 2101 Marketing Management 3

IBS Major Courses

  Course Title Credits
Select two of the following: 6
JIBS 3101 Introduction to Global Finance  
JIBS 3102 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management  
JIBS 3501 Marketing in a Global Environment  
  • JIBS 3101 Prerequisites: ACCT 2102 or ACCT 2902
  • JIBS 3102 Prerequisites: STAT 2103 or STAT 2903 or MATH 2031
  • JIBS 3501 Prerequisites: MKTG 2101 or MKTG 2901

IBS Major Courses Writing Intensive and Capstone

  Course Title Credits
JIBS 4197 Global Business Overview 3
JIBS 4596 International Business Capstone 3
  • JIBS 4197 Prerequisites: IBS 3101 and permission from the major coordinator.
  • JIBS 4596 Prerequisites: HRM 1101; one of IBS 3501 or IBS 3102; and permission from the major coordinator.

College of Liberal Arts (CLA) or College of Science and Technology (CST)

Select three of any CLA/CST courses at 2000+ level or higher.

  Course Title Credits
CLA / CST 2000+ 3
CLA / CST 2000+ 3
CLA / CST 2000+ 3

Language (early start recommended)

The IBS major requires students complete a foreign language until the Intermediate II (fourth semester) level. Students who have a proficiency in a language other than English may request waiver of foreign language. Contact the Major Coordinator or the Academic Advising Center for more details.

  Course Title Credits
Select one of the following: 3-4
Chinese 2002 Intermediate II  
Hindi 2002 Intermediate II  
Japanese 2702/2002 Intermediate II  
Korean 2002 Intermediate II  
Vietnamese 2002 Intermediate II  

Successful completion of IBS major language requirement satisfies CLA Foreign Language requirement.

Internships / Practica

Internships / Practica are one of the most significant characteristics of the IBS major. A student's proposals for internship or practicum must be reviewed by the Major Coordinator. Students interested in an internship should also consult with the Career Development Office for detailed information on criteria necessary for participation.