Computer Science B.S. / Suggested Semester by Semester Plan

Major Coordinators

Hani Karam (

After spending the first 2-years of their academic career at TUJ, students are required to transfer to the Main Campus ("CoP," Change of Program) for the last 2-years.

Note: This program is very mathematics-intensive. Unless they have transfer credits equivalent to Math 1022 or Math 1041, applicants are usually admitted into the College of Science and Technology as undeclared students. Students will be eligible to declare the CIS major contingent upon successful completion of Math 1022 Pre-Calculus at Temple University, or appropriate placement into Math 1041 Calculus I.

Suggested Academic Plan

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Year 1
Fall Credit Hours
CIS 1001 Introduction to Academics in Computer Science 1
Select one of the following: 4
CIS 1051 Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python -
CIS 1057 Computer Programming in C -
MATH 1041 or 1941 Calculus I 4
General Education/Elective Courses   7
Term Credit Hours 16
CIS 1166 or 1966 Mathematical Concepts in Computing I 4
CIS 1068 or 1968 Program Design and Abstraction 4
MATH 1042 or 1942 Calculus II 4
General Education/Elective Courses   3
Term Credit Hours 15
Year 2
CIS 2168 Data Structures 4
General Education/Elective Courses   11
Term Credit Hours 15
CIS 2033 Computational Probability and Statistics 3
CIS 2107 Computer Systems and Low-Level Programming 4
General Education/Elective Courses   9
Term Credit Hours 16
Year 3
CIS 2166 Mathematical Concepts in Computing II 4
CIS 3207 Introduction to Systems Programming and Operating Systems 4
CS BA Laboratory Science A   4
General Education/Elective Credits   4
Term Credit Hours 16
CIS 3223 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
Computer Science Elective   4
CS BA Laboratory Science B   4
General Education/Elective Credits   4
Term Credit Hours 15
Year 4
CIS 3296 Software Design [WI] 4
Two Computer Science Electives   8
General Education/Elective Credits   3
Term Credit Hours 15
CIS 4397 or 4398 Independent Research in Computer Science [WI] 3
Computer Science Elective   3-4
General Education/Elective Credits   8-9
Term Credit Hours 15
Total Credit Hours 123