Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in International Business Studies Degree Requirements

As of Fall 2009, TUJ offers a Bachelor of Science in International Business Studies (BSIBS). The main focus of this new major is to provide students with the business knowledge necessary to work in a multilingual/multi-cultural environment. To achieve this, TUJ has developed a curriculum that not only includes the required language components and technical subjects such as accounting and marketing, but also a range of electives that offer a wider international perspective.

Degree Requirements

  1. BS students must complete at least 124 credits
  2. All students must complete the General Education (GenEd) or University Core program
  3. All students must complete the major requirements that are specified in the following website: International Business Studies Major Requirements
  4. All students must achieve a cumulative and major GPA of at least 2.00

Internships / Practica

Internships / Practica are one of the most significant characteristics of the IBS major. A student's proposals for internship or practicum must be reviewed by the Major Coordinator. Students interested in an internship should also consult with the Career Development Office for detailed information on criteria necessary for participation.

Language Requirement

The IBS major requires students complete a foreign language until the Intermediate II (fourth semester) level. Students who have a proficiency in a language other than English may request waiver of foreign language. Contact the Major or Aea Coordinator or the Academic Advising Center for more details.