TUJ Room

An interview series to commemorate TUJ's 30th anniversary, hosted by Midori Kaneko - the chairperson of TUJ's Board of Overseers.
We will invite special guests to talk on various topics such as business leadership, the importance of education, globalization, and more.

Volume 5

Guest: Akihiko Kubo (Language: Japanese)

Executive Vice President, Ogilvy & Mather (Japan) GK

Volume 4

Guest: Yasutoyo Murakami (Language: Japanese)

President, CEO, Hyponex Japan Corp., Ltd.

Volume 3

Guest: Jasper Cheung (Language: Japanese)

President, Amazon Japan K.K.

Volume 2

Guest: Robert Noddin (Language: English)

Representative in Japan & CEO
AIU Insurance Company

Volume 1

Guest: William Bishop (Language: English)

Director, Corporate Affairs
Nippon Becton Dickinson Company Ltd.

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