Richard Joslyn — Former TUJ Dean (1996-2001)

In front of the Hachiko dog with his wife Kathy (April 2009). Richard also taught at TUJ as a political science professor from 1989 to 1990 and for several semesters during 1990s and 2000s.

I am delighted by this opportunity to congratulate TUJ faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends on the 30th anniversary of the campus founding.

Establishing TUJ was courageous and innovative, borne of a commitment to educational opportunity, cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, and the transformative power of creative inquiry and expression. The campus had a humble beginning—no one knew for sure how many students would be attracted by an American style English language education in the middle of Tokyo—but over the past thirty years the mission of the campus has proven to be timely, prescient, and inspiring to the many students, faculty members, and staff touched by the opportunity to study and work at TUJ.

Change has been a constant during TUJ's 30 years: change in curriculum, location, student body, official status, leadership, financial management, and relations with other institutions and countries. But there has also been considerable continuity in TUJ's mission, belief in the future, and fidelity to academic excellence, honesty, and achievement. The challenges to TUJ's development have been many, and continue to this day, but at every turn the perseverance, dedication, and intelligence of the TUJ community have been equal to the task and ensured TUJ's educational development.

Richard (second from left) welcoming former US Ambassador to Japan Thomas S. Foley who visited TUJ in 1998.

As I write these words, on March 11th, I cannot help but be reminded of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan one year ago, and the devastation and dislocation that followed immediately thereafter. Japan has been a second home to my family, where we were as content as we are in the United States, and had the pleasure of experiencing the warmth, generosity, and humor of the Japanese people. The past year has brought heartbreaking concern for Japan, and for TUJ, but we are confident that the spirit and resilience of the residents of Japan, coupled with the instinct to work together to overcome what seem to be overwhelming obstacles, will prevail, just as it has at TUJ, throughout its 30 year history. At times like these I am reminded of Temple's motto: "perseverance conquers all."

When TUJ celebrated its 15th anniversary I often commented to visitors that the campus had been in Japan longer than Tokyo Disneyland and was like a teen-ager, with all of the promise and energy that suggests. Now, as we approach the 30th anniversary, I suppose TUJ has become a young adult: vigorous and energetic, with significant accomplishments and many more to come, and still finding one's way while gaining experience, recognition, and confidence in the future. I have no doubt that TUJ's future is bright, that future achievements will be many, and that thousands of students from around the globe will benefit from the educational opportunity TUJ provides.

Again, please accept my heartfelt congratulations on TUJ's 30th anniversary and my best wishes for a joyful celebration.

At Shibuya campus entrance in 1986.

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