Information Technology Services

Tokyo Center

Windows Labs

Windows computer labs are located in rooms 501, 503 and 506. Students are not allowed to store documents on the hard drives of these computers, so be sure to bring your own external storage to save your work. Note that rooms 503 and 506 are also used as classrooms. Students must always check to ensure there is no class scheduled before attempting to use these labs. Please check the daily schedule posted outside the classroom.

Mac Labs

Macintosh labs are located in rooms 504, 505 and 507. Rooms 504 and 505 are only accessible for art majors, but 507 is open to all students if there are no classes scheduled. 502 is a production studio and is only accessible to communication majors.

Help Desk

The staff at the Information Technology Services Help Desk, located in room 501, can assist students with various computing needs, including lending out laptops. The computer lab also has scanners and printers.

Osaka Center

Windows computers are available for use at the Osaka Center. Computer service hours at the Osaka Center are:

Monday - Friday: 13:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 17:30

Students can borrow laptops and projectors to use in the Osaka Center. A photocopier is also available for student use. Copies are 10 yen per sheet.

Software for Statistics

WinSteps and Facets statistics software is available for the students of Graduate College of Education. You can install this software on your private computer. Please contact the TUJ Graduate Education Office staff.