How do I know how many spots are left?

The number of available spots will be announced periodically on the TUJ Activities & Events Facebook page. You can also e-mail or stop by the Office of Student Services (Azabu Hall, Room 108) to inquire about the status of a particular activity.

What are the benefits of joining TUJ Activities?

Semester Activities are a great way to meet students outside of the classroom, and many include travel outside of Tokyo. These activities are also largely subsidized by the university, and often include a private chartered bus and/or various school group discounts (thus the participation fee is much cheaper than if you were to do the same activity on your own).
In addition, unlike other travel agencies or tour packages, Semester Activities are designed for the sole purpose of TUJ students’ enjoyment. Staff are dedicated to maximizing the value of each activity.

When am I going to get the details of the activities I registered for?

Detailed information will be sent to your TUmail account at least 3 days prior to the day of the activity. The e-mail will include meeting times, locations, and other important information for participating in the activity. Any updates regarding the activity may also be sent to your TUmail account, so be sure to check your TUmail account frequently.

The activity I wanted to participate in is full. Is there any way I can still attend?

All activity registrations are on a first-come-first-served basis; however, some activities may have a waiting list. Please e-mail or stop by the Office of Students Services to inquire about a particular activity.

Registration and Payment

What is included in the participation fee?

Please refer to the activity details page – underneath the fee  is a list of expenses that are included.

What happens if I don’t pay by the deadline?

Your registration for the activities involving payment will be canceled, and you will need to re-register.

When do I need to pay by?

All payments must be made within 3 business days (including the day of registration), or before the registration deadline (whichever day comes first). Your registration for unpaid activities will be canceled if payment is not received by the deadline.

Can I pay by credit card?

No. We do not accept credit cards – cash only in the exact amount (no change).

Do I need to sign the Liability Waiver for each activity?

Waivers are required for day and overnight trips but not for most workshops and on-campus activities. Please submit your waiver when you make the payment for these activities. Forms are available at the Office of Student Services (Azabu hall, room 108).

I am a minor and I do not live with my parent/guardian. How can I get their signature on the Liability Waiver?

Please scan the waiver and send it to your parent/guardian to sign. The signed waver can then be forwarded by e-mail to () or by fax  (+81-3-5441-9811).

We take many photos during the activities which may be used or shared on the TUJ Activities & Events Facebook page, website, and brochures, and we need your consent to make this possible. Your cooperation in promoting our activities here at TUJ is greatly appreciated.


Can I get my money back if I don’t attend the activity?

All activities involving payment are non-refundable unless the activity is canceled by the Office of Student Services due to low participation or other unforeseen circumstances.

*Note: If the activity has a waiting list, and it is before the registration deadline, we may be able to arrange a refund so the wait listed student(s) can attend. Please be sure to e-mail well in advance to discuss possible options, and understand that there is no guarantee that this is possible.

Can I give my spot to a friend if I am unable to attend?

No, we do not accept any spot changes between students. Only registered participants may attend school activities.

When is the next trip to Mt. Fuji?

TUJ’s Mt. Fuji climb is scheduled once a year during the summer semester. The official climbing season for Mt. Fuji is July and August, which is the only time that Mt. Fuji is free of snow and the mountain huts are open. Climbing off-season is extremely dangerous – we strongly advise that students only climb during the official climbing season.

I have a tattoo. Can I still participate in a trip that includes an onsen (Japanese hot spring)?

Most onsens in Japan have a strict no-tattoo policy. Please consult with the Activities Coordinator in advance if you have any concerns registering for an activity.

TUJ Activities, Office of Student Services

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