How do I start a student organization? Is there a deadline for registering?

New organizations may register anytime during the semester. Just follow the steps below:
1. Read the guidelines
2. Complete the on-line Student Organization Form
3. Set up a meeting with the Student Activities Coordinator

How can I reserve space for meetings or events for my organization?

Student Organization leaders may request to reserve rooms in either Azabu or Mita hall. To make a reservation, fill out the Room Reservation Request Form (pdf) available online and submit the form to

Do I need to register my organization every year?

Groups that were registered the previous semester simply need to RENEW their organization for the current semester using the Student Organization Form within the first 2 weeks of the semester (within the 1st week for summer semesters).

Can my organization get an email address?

Currently, we do not have the ability to set up group e-mail accounts for student organizations. Please use your personal TUMail accounts for all official communication.

How can my group request funding?

If your group has 8 or more active members, your organization is eligible to request funding. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Read and understand the funding guidelines (below).
  2. Complete and submit the online Student Organization Funding Request Form by the deadline.
  3. The Student Organizations Allocations Committee (SOAC) will review all requests in accordance with the funding guidelines.

Can an organization have fundraising events?

TUJ does not permit any type of fundraising for clubs and organizations.

Can my group have locker space on campus?

Yes, however, space is limited, so please consult the Student Activities Coordinator directly.