Category: Other TUJ Events

8/29 (Fri) BBQ at Ranzan Gorge – Orientation Activity

Welcome to TUJ! Making fire, grilling meat, splashing in the river, cracking the watermelon… so much fun with new friends.

5/23 (Fri) Mt. Takao Hiking Trip

We made new friends and had a great time in beautiful Mt. Takao, still Tokyo!

Fall 2013 New Student Welcome Party

New students gathered at Yoyogi Park near Harajuku station and got to know each other before the semester! Thank you again for coming out on such a hot day 😀

Summer 2013 New Student Welcome Picnic

This summer TUJ welcomes 75 new students, and 40 of them joined our welcome picnic today at Yoyogi park.

Spring 2013 New Student Welcome Party

A welcome party for spring 2013 new students was held on Saturday, January 12th. Students made mochi (pounded rice) and participated in games at the TUJ Ontakesan dorm.