Safety rules for SWU West Gym

The TUJ Student Government has negotiated several rules to allow clubs to access the SWU West Gym in an easier way while keeping the strict rules to avoid spreading COVID-19.:

– Accessing the West Gym before 18:00: TUJ doors will be watched by a student health ambassador, therefore, the students who wish to go to the courtyard, art classroom, or use the West Gym until 18:00, will not have any issues.

– Accessing the West Gym after 18:00: students who come to use the gym after 18:00 will need to enter the TUJ building through the main entrance, do the temperature check, go upstairs (2F or 3F) and use the emergency stairs on the sides of the building to access the courtyard and West Gym. THE DOOR NEXT TO THE ELEVATORS AND THE DOOR IN THE PARLIAMENT WILL BE LOCKED. Please see the following pictures:

– At 22:00 (when practices finish): when it’s time to go home, the guard will unlock the door on the 1F next to the elevators. Students will be able to use it to go home through the main entrance and they will also have some time to go to the 4F to leave items related to their club.

TUJ will also keep the following measures to prevent any risks:

  • Temperature check: all students will have to enter the building through the front door and perform a temperature check.
  • Limit number of participants: No more than 30 students from the same club in the gym/south ground at one time. Sharing space with other clubs will not be allowed. Any individual who is not a member of the club must be denied entry to the training sessions.
  • Masks: Mask protocol for the building will be enforced during club meetings as well, but students will not be required to wear a mask while practicing sports. Once the practice finishes, or while the students are having a break, a mask will be required.
  • Disinfectant Equipment: Club leaders will be provided with disinfectant which should be used in the sports facilities in order to: disinfect door handles, floor, hands from all participants, balls, and other items used during practice.
  • Open doors: If the sports facilities are not outdoors (such as the Futsal Field or the SWU Tennis Field) the doors must be kept open in order to allow air to circulate.