Month: April 2016

Summer 2016 Activities Schedule & Registration Dates

We hope everyone is having a nice spring break. Just a reminder that activities fill up quickly, so we suggest you check out the Summer 2016 Activities schedule and be sure to register online (first-come-first-serve) to secure your spot. Online registration begins on 5/19 (Thu) 10 a.m. Payments accepted from 5/23 (Mon) 10 a.m. If…
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Bicycle Club: Kawaguchi Lake Trip (SP 16)

Bicycle Club: Kamakura Trip (SP16)

4/2 (Sat) Chiba Day Trip

We explored the Boso Peninsula in Chiba! We visited the Otayama Park to view beautiful cherry blossom trees and a strawberry farm to enjoy fresh all-you-can-eat strawberries, hiked on the stone-mountain Mt. Nokogiri and took a dip in a hot spring on the way back. The entire Mt.Nokogiri is inside of the Nihonji Temple. There…
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3/19 (Sat) – 3/22 (Tue) Kyoto-Osaka Overnight Trip

In Kyoto, we visited some of the world heritage sites together, such as Byodoin Temple, Kyomizudera Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine. On the second day, the students used a day pass to explore the city on their own, and some of them even went to Nara! We spent the last day in Osaka. The Osaka…
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