Year: 2014

8/29 (Fri) BBQ at Ranzan Gorge – Orientation Activity

Welcome to TUJ! Making fire, grilling meat, splashing in the river, cracking the watermelon… so much fun with new friends.

7/12 (Sat) – 13 (Sun) Izu Shirahama Beach Trip

6/13 (Fri) Semester Kick-Off Sports Night

We had a great fun as usual while making new friends!

6/28 (Sat) – 29 (Sun) Minakami Onsen & Daruma Trip

Wishing you all the best to achieve your goal with your own Daruma!

6/21 (Sat) Nagatoro River Rafting & Kawagoe Day Trip

Enjoyed rafting, playing, and swimming in the Arakawa river (leading to Edogawa river in Tokyo).