Proctor Service for Individuals

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), provides exam proctoring services for people taking distance learning and online courses. Our proctor services provide you with a space and a proctor to administer your exams, such as midterm and final exams. Both paper-based and computer-based exams can be administered.

Our proctor services are for any individuals or groups, and you do not need to be a student at TUJ.

Institutions we have provided proctoring services for since 2004 include:

If you are interested in our proctor services, please contact us by e-mail. Please include your full name and the name of your institution.

Proctor Service Fees

The fees below may vary depending on the length of the test, room size, etc. Please contact us for more details. Following fees apply for one person taking an exam(s).

Length Fee (includes tax)
1.0 hour 6,480 yen
1.5 hours 8,640 yen
2.0 hours 10,800 yen
2.5 hours 12,960 yen
3.0 hours 15,120 yen

*If we need to return your completed exam materials by mail, an additional 2,650 yen (UPS fee) will be charged.