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CNet / September 12

TUJ featured in 'オンラインでのプレイスメント・アセスメント導入 --- 海外出身の学生も来日前/入学前にクラス分けが可能に --- 2018年秋学期から --- テンプル大学ジャパンキャンパス' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

Biglobe News - President Online / September 2

Continuing Education featured in '数日間で見違える「短期スクール」22 ーーー3位:テンプル大学ジャパンキャンパス「生涯教育プログラム」' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

Faculty Quotes

朝日新聞 / September 15

Temple Main Campus Professor Daniel Funk quoted in '100回の夏、熱狂したワケ 高校野球、観戦5大欲求で分析 【大阪】' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

KBS World Radio / September 13

James Brown interviewed in 'Korea 24: radio interview on Putin' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

Japan Today / September 8

William Swinton and Mikiya Mori featured in 'Degree in disruption: Executive MBAs take a tech turn' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

CNBC / September 12

James Brown interviewed in 'The China-Russia relationship 'isn't entirely new': Professor' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

琉球新報 / September 8

Temple Main professor mentioned in '「辺野古基地反対 海外識者声明」に池宮城秀意賞/世界の知 沖縄思い、行動' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia


The Japan Times / September 13

'What lies behind Putin’s peace proposal' by James Brown #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

Nikkei Asian Review / September 7

'Growing China-Russia defense ties leave West in a bind' by James Brown #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia