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TUJ to host “Student Film Festival 2019” on April 12

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Temple Japan


リクルートカレッジマネジメント / March 1

TUJ's move to SWU mentioned in '昭和女子大学の挑戦 テンプル大学との連携による「スーパーグローバルキャンパス」' https://t.co/nYDHFFdVwm #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

Faculty Quotes

DIME / March 15

Temple Main Campus surgeon Henry Pitt mentioned in '「妊婦の胆嚢摘出術は産後に行なうべき」米テンプル大学研究' https://t.co/ObbqMDSDro #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

KQ2 / March 13

Former Senior Associate Dean Matthew Wilson featured in 'MISSOURI WESTERN NAMES FIFTH PRESIDENT' https://t.co/Fm1yDXeR1c #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

DIME / March 17

Temple Main Campus psychologist Frank Farley mentioned in '心臓病患者にとってスリリングな行為は本当に危険なのか?' https://t.co/S8CccDGB0J #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

Stars and Stripes / March 13

Jeff Kingston quoted in 'Japan to build new patrol ships' https://t.co/JfKfQBN0q5 #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

South China Morning Post / March 12

Jeff Kingston quoted in 'Japan to build new warships in ‘message to China’ over Diaoyu Islands' https://t.co/vSJVtrP55d #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia


2nd edition)' by Jeff Kingston (Routledge / March 1

'Critical Issues in Contemporary Japan (2nd edition)' by Jeff Kingston #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

East Asia Forum / March 13

'Abe’s underperforming Russia policy faces growing political backlash' by James Brown https://t.co/abuGUR7zSs #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

The Diplomat / March 8

'The Details of Abe’s Proposed Peace Treaty With Russia' by James Brown https://t.co/bIUwzu1rM7 #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

EBSCO / [object String]

'Orientalist Soundscapes, Barred Zones, and Irving Berlin's China --- Chinese America: History and Perspectives, 2018, pp. 37-48' by Shawn Higgins #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

The New York Times / March 9

'‘For Us, by Us’: Inside the New Social Spaces for People of Color' by Former ICAS intern Morgan Jerkins https://t.co/SuCFi7uReB #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia