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英語教育 / November 1

TUJ opening celebration and Community Day mentioned in 'テンプル大学ジャパンの催し 新校舎記念式典 記念イベント' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

山陽新聞 / October 8

Temple Main Campus research mentioned in '米大チームが実験 エイズウイルス マウスで“消滅” ゲノム編集使い 治療に新たな望み' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

AERA dot / October 14

TUJ mentioned in '令和は早慶逆転!? 大学激変の時代、そのワケは?' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

Enjoy Setagaya - Official Tourist Site / October 10

TUJ Community Day featured in 'テンプル大学ジャパンキャンパス 新校舎完成記念式典/コミュニティ・デイ' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

朝日新聞 / October 5

TUJ mentioned in '国内外で二つの卒業資格 大学「国内」で完結も' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

Faculty Quotes

South China Morning Post / October 9

Robert Dujarric quoted in 'Can Japan stop ‘aggressive’ North Korean fishing boats in their tracks?' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

Yahoo finance - Bloomberg / October 9

Jeff Kingston quoted in 'Hidden Gold, ‘Murky’ Payoffs Threaten Japan Nuclear Revival' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

The Straits Times / October 5

Jeff Kingston quoted in 'Japan PM Abe determined to meet North Korea's Kim over issue of Japanese abductees' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

Reuters / October 4

Jeff Kingston quoted in 'Japan PM seeks meet with North Korea's Kim despite missile launch' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

The Telegraph / October 4

Robert Dujarric quoted in 'North Korea to reopen tourist region as opening gambit for fresh US nuclear talks' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia


Henry Holt and Co (BYR) / October 15

'UNDER THE BROKEN SKY' by Mariko Nagai (Henry Holt and Co #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

JIME 日本エネルギー経済研究所中東研究センター / October 10

'国別定期報告 トルコ 2019年6~9月' by Masaki Kakizaki #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

JIME 日本エネルギー経済研究所中東研究センター / September 18

'トルコ:シリア情勢をめぐり三ヵ国首脳会談' by Masaki Kakizaki #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

Temple Now / September 10

'The significance of Temple University Japan’s new campus' by Dean Bruce Stronach #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

Carnegie Moscow Center / October 10

'Японцы в русском СПГ. Последует ли волна японских инвестиций в Россию [The Japanese in Russian LNG. Will a wave of Japanese investment in Russia follow? ' by James Brown #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia