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日刊工業新聞 / April 4

TUJ mentioned in '600校の生き残り戦略・私大トップに聞く(74)昭和女子大学' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

日刊工業新聞 / April 4

TUJ mentioned in '600校の生き残り戦略・私大トップに聞く(74)昭和女子大学' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

Faculty Quotes

前編/全3回)' (二弁フロンティア Niben Frontier April 2019 vol. 182 / March 20

Tina Saunders featured in '講演録:英文契約・米国法実務入門(続編) 英文契約の実務 --- NDAなどのサンプルを用いて (前編/全3回)' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

四国新聞 / April 2

Jeff Kingston quoted in '「和」の文字使用は首相の保守性反映 米CNNに有識者' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

Forbes / April 12

Jeff Kingston quoted in 'No Sex Please, We're Japanese: The Worrisome Demographic Trajectory Of A Highly Indebted Nation' https://t.co/hpX4LH6DiK #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

沖縄タイムズ / April 2

Jeff Kingston quoted in '世界各国が一斉に速報/高い関心 歴史や選定方法も' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

The Japan Times / April 16

Jeff Kingston quoted in 'Abe eyes diplomatic win with Xi Jinping visit but faces balancing act between China and U.S.' https://t.co/gxZRIzKvqN #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia


日本エネルギー経済研究所中東研究センター / April 15

'国別定期報告 トルコ 2019年1-3月(Country Report Turkey, January-March 2019) ' by Masaki Kakizaki https://t.co/NqwqDLsz32 #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

Quadrante Vol.21 / March 1

'Rewilding Arcadia: Pastoral and Leopardi's Search for the Natural' by Zane Mackin https://t.co/z0N4LuGBgV #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

JIME-IEE Japan 日本エネルギー経済研究所中東研究センター / April 1

'トルコ統一地方選挙(Local Elections in Turkey)' by Masaki Kakizaki https://t.co/KikG8laf7W #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

as a contributor) (The Japan Times / April 6

'Japan Times 1944: "Accidental blow to back of head restores sight to blind war veteran"' by UG student / Japan Times intern Christopher Kunody (as a contributor) https://t.co/gw7Uk5l9TT #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia

South China Morning Post / April 3

'When Japan’s Emperor Akihito steps down, will his pacifist legacy persist despite resurgent nationalism?' by Jeff Kingston https://t.co/RJ0XpiVqAd #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia