Photo: from left, Jason Hyland, and Midori Kaneko

TUJ Room 2018: featuring Jason Hyland, MGM Resorts Japan

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Tokyo Community News - August 2018 / August 4

Continuing Education Program and ICAS mentioned in 'August highlights' #TUJCampus #TUJintheMedia

Faculty Quotes

The New York Times / August 9

Jeff Kingston quoted in 'Takeshi Onaga, Critic of U.S. Bases as Okinawa Governor, Dies at 67' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

CGTN / August 11

James Brown interviewed in 'Can Trump boost Abe's party leadership race chances?' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

Business Insider Japan / August 12

Temple FOX School professor Deanna Geddes quoted in 'なかったことにしないで! 職場でイラッとしたら…… 怒りを上手にコントロールする6つの方法' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

South China Morning Post / August 10

Jeff Kingston quoted in 'Death of anti-US base icon puts race for replacement up in the air' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia

CNN / August 9

Jeff Kingston interviewed in 'Extreme weather: Japan prepares for hot and humid 2020 olympics' #TUJFaculty #TUJintheMedia


JIME-IEE Japan 日本エネルギー経済研究所中東研究センター / August 7

'トルコ:対米関係悪化によるリラ安加速' by Masaki Kakizaki #TUJPublication #TUJintheMedia