Testimonial: Andy Powen Chang

Class of 2017

Igenomix Japan (Bio Industry)

What made you decide to pursue an MBA?

After working for a few years in my previous company, I realized I had learned enough technical knowledge and skills, but beyond that I was not really growing myself after stepping into my forties.

In college I majored in nuclear engineering and received master's and Ph.D. degrees in biological science. While my life was filled with calculations, formulas and chemical equations, I had wanted to study social science for many years. An MBA became a brand new and stimulating goal to me.

In the beginning, I did not pursue an MBA for a business purpose, but this 18-month program did become an eye-opening experience.

Why did you choose the Executive MBA Program at Temple University, Japan Campus?

Frankly, TUJ is the best choice for an EMBA in Japan. I did not join the program immediately after my first visit to TUJ. I talked with different people to understand what other programs were like. Temple University, Japan Campus is the only true international program, in which you really study with students from different countries and backgrounds. The physical campus was another big factor in my decision. And most important of all, solid and intense study of all the textbooks was very attractive to me and finalized my decision.

Which course did you like the most? And why?

There are many courses I liked. I enjoyed courses that used a lot of calculation and logical analysis (which I am most familiar with), and courses that I was not very familiar with --, for example economics, human resources and finance -- were even more interesting to me. I like all the professors that pushed us hard to learn, because that made this program very worthwhile.

How did you balance your studies and your busy work schedule?

Honestly that was very hard. I was a business development director who covers the whole Asia Pacific region, and I had to fly abroad every single week. I could only do my readings on the plane, during breakfast, or at hotels after business visits. I joined WebEx meetings with group partners from a different country every time. The process was not easy, but I believe that was great training for me to learn to use time well, to prioritize tasks, and at the same time keep track of all important projects.

What is your best memory of the program?

The best memory of the program is the discussions with students in class. Everyone was so willing to share their ideas with the class, and from discussions with other students from different backgrounds, I learned about looking at things from various angles. Mostly important of all, everyone was glad to support each other to achieve their academic goals. Live sessions of the courses were a very fun experience for me.

A message to prospective students

If solid learning about business and management is your goal, I cannot think of a better choice than TUJ. If you decide to join, do join as early as you can, because the studying is very intense, and as you progress through the program you may lose your flexibility and energy.

Do practice what you are going to study in the program. My original intention for enrolling in the EMBA program was not business, but I can assure you that now I am using everything I learned at TUJ in my business. These skills are very useful, and I am more than happy to share my experiences to you!