Testimonial: Marco Ammann

Class of 2016

Atlas Copco (Industrial Machinery)

What made you decide to pursue an MBA?

Continuous learning. In an ever changing environment, understanding trends and what will shape the future business landscape is very important in order to stay ahead of competition and make yourself a true contributor to the company or institution you are working for. I have learned over my 20+ years of business career that staying ahead and being able to contribute to the outcome requires also a continuous learning self-discipline. The Temple Fox School of Business Executive MBA curriculum equips you with the latest business tools and also pushes you as you are constantly challenged. Exactly what I needed!

Why did you choose the Executive MBA Program at Temple University, Japan Campus?

Best Executive MBA in Japan. I was looking for an education possibility in Japan (or Asia) and compared several schools, course curriculums and faculty profiles. Through my search I learned that the Temple Executive MBA is a top ranking school in the U.S. and the curriculum taught in Japan is identical and, in most cases, taught by the same faculty. Although self-financing an MBA requires a large personal commitment, the Temple Executive MBA best met my needs and learning requirements. To better fit my learning style I preferred the class room education over online courses. In addition, the Tokyo campus is an ideal location and the weekend program is just perfect for a busy executive.

Which course did you like the most? And why?

Enterprise Financial Management. I could benefit from all the courses and added a lot of new skills in accounting, statistics, economies, operations management, information technology, legal studies, marketing, human resource management, international business, strategic management and risk management. The one which caught my attention most, however, was Enterprise Financial Management for its comprehensive coverage and deep analysis of real life cases. Having an engineering background I benefited most from this course and was able to fill skill gaps making me even more effective in meeting the business challenges I am facing every day.

What is your best memory of the program?

My classmates and professors. It started in the first class, which was Human Resource Management, were everybody had to give a self-introduction. I soon realized that I entered into a very competitive environment surrounded by very capable classmates. This proved right and every hour throughout the 18-month course was a great experience. Topped by the outstanding and very committed faculty, the learning journey really was fun. I think the competitive environment and good chemistry made me decide to join some of my classmates to attend the graduation ceremony at Main Campus in Philadelphia. I will never forget that experience!

A message to prospective students

The Temple Executive MBA is a must to try. No matter if you are looking for more education, a springboard to your next career step, or just to fuel yourself with new skills and experiences, the Temple Fox School of Business Executive MBA is a must to try. It requires, however, a high level of commitment and might not always fit your corporate or private agenda. Manage the change well, discuss issues with people in advance, and balance your emotions so that it does not negatively affect others at home or at work. Once you start with the program, stay focused and plan your agenda well. If you can manage it, complete the 18 months in one go without a break. In the end it's the better choice!