Special Lecture: Financial Management & Real Options

(Doors Open at 18:45)
Temple University, Japan Campus, Mita Hall, Room 403 (Access)
English (no translation provided)
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November 14, 2018
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Lecture Topic

What should I buy and when should I buy it?

These are two of the central questions for any financial manager. Traditional capital budgeting uses a variety of tools to answer these questions including Net Present Value Analysis as the primary technique. In this special lecture, Professor Philip English will introduce a modern synthesis of traditional capital budgeting tools with the tools of option pricing to help you better understand the impact of managerial skill on project adoption. Using this improvement on traditional evaluation of capital projects, you will be able to capture managerial ability to abandon a project, adapt it to new uses and evaluate the flexibility inherent in some projects.

About the Instructor

Photograph of Dr. Phil English

Philip English, Ph.D.,CFA

Finance / Assistant Professor, Temple University

Dr. Phil English has served as a professor for over 20 years creating and teaching courses designed for students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional level. His experience in higher education has included teaching internationally in Prague for Texas Tech and The UAE with the University of Abu Dhabi. He received his PhD from the University of South Carolina, MBA and undergraduate degrees from VA Tech and has earned the right to use the (R) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation of the CFA Institute.