Special Lecture: Driving Augmented Reality - A New Frontier for "Big Data"

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
(door opens at 18:45)
Temple University, Japan Campus, Mita Hall, Room 403 (Access)
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January 16, 2018
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Lecture Topic

They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." What if you could turn a thousand gigabytes of data into a compelling visual. That is the promise of "augmented reality", that allows the user to project useful visual "information" into the real world. Think of driving a car and having your desired route appear before you as a colored line on the road, or taking a nature walk and having virtual signs appear that tell you the types of trees or rock formations you are observing. These and other applications being developed in a range of fields including engineering, medicine, education, and marketing will be coming "on-line" soon, driven by the explosion of data available through the Internet of Everything.

The presenter in this session will review new technologies utilizing sophisticated data streams to create virtual visual "overlays" on real-world environments. New and potential uses of these systems will also be reviewed, and implications drawn for such areas as advertising, product design, manufacturing, risk management, classroom teaching, and medical diagnostics and intervention. Possibilities for deploying augmented reality applications for personal and home use will also be explored.

About the Instructor

Dr. James Portwood

Portwood, James, Ph.D.

Human Resource Management / Professor, Temple University

Dr. Portwood currently serves as the Director of Temple's Center for European Studies, and since 1990, he has been an adjunct Professor of Management at the Graduate School of Business, Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. As a Fulbright Fellow, he has led several projects promoting economic and social transformation in Eastern Europe. He is an active scholar in the areas of International Human Resource Management, Global Change, and the Human Side of Organizational Transitions. His current interests include tracking international labor market trends, especially the increasing use of contingent workers, and the impact of Eastern Europe economic transitions on career opportunities for native and foreign professionals.