Executive MBA Workshop: One-day Entrepreneurship Workshop

Saturday, July 8, 2017
(doors open at 8:45)
Temple University, Japan Campus, Mita Hall, Room 503/504 (Access)
40,000 yen (30,000 yen for Temple University alumni) - pay at door
English (no translation provided)
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Note: Attendees are encouraged to bring along their own laptop.

Lecture Topic

Creating Your Business

Do you want to create your own business, but are not sure what to do? You probably have many questions like "When should I start", "How much money do I need? or "What's a really good idea for my business?" If you have already started your business, you are dealing with a lot of questions and challenges. Either way, you are definitely not alone if you are wondering "Can I really do it?"

Who Is Right for this Workshop

The workshop is designed for those who are thinking of starting (or have started) their own business. The intensive one-day workshop teaches what you need to know about yourself and business before creating your own business venture, or for improving the business that you have already started.


The workshop gives participants a highly dynamic, inspiring, and enjoyable learning experience. You will meet like-minded individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and work on problems together that are challenging and practical to your development.

You will be taught critically important aspects of leadership that will serve you well in life, and a framework that you can use to continue developing your leadership ability for the long term. You will also be taught the essentials of "mechanics" of venturing to get you going in the right direction. This also helps you prioritize what you should study and where you should focus your efforts to achieve your goals after the workshop.

From these lessons, you will understand how to become better at venturing and leading people (especially yourself), anticipating outcomes and avoiding mistakes. When you make mistakes, you will be able to do so in a way that you can learn from them and recover – fast. By the end of the workshop, you will have made a draft of a practical design and plan for yourself and your business. You will also receive feedback from Dr. Ford and your classmates on your ideas and how to improve your goals and plans.

Learning Model

The workshop uses a combination of case studies, simulations, exercises, team activities, individual presentations, and team presentations. Teaching materials include recommended cases, multi-media materials, textbooks, and articles. During the workshop, you are encouraged to use your real venture ideas. This way, you can use the workshop to create deliverables that you can use to build your business after the workshop has ended.

Workshop Schedule


  • Is creating a business the right thing for me?
  • What you need to know to lead your business
  • Essential Mechanics 1: Value Proposition
  • Essential Mechanics2: Strategy and the Three fundamental Questions of Business
  • Essential Mechanics 3: Business Models


  • Lunch time (Lunch will be provided)


  • Drafting a plan for yourself and your business
  • Presentations
  • How to apply what you have learned in your work and in your life

About the Lecturer

Dr. Mark Lee Ford

Dr. Mark Lee Ford is an adjunct professor for the Executive MBA Program at Temple University, Japan Campus. He holds a doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University and MBA from Duke University. He is the president of the Moneo Company K.K. and Board Director of Panacea Pharmaceuticals. His specialties include large-scale transformation and turnaround, ventures, corporate strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, complex negotiations, and leadership development.