Special Lecture: "The Changing Nature of Competitive Advantage"

We are pleased to announce a special lecture event for those who are considering the Executive MBA at TUJ. This event will be lectured by Dr. Masaaki Kotabe, a Professor of General and Strategic Management at Fox School of Business.

Note: This is a special lecture only event. There will be no information session, though Q&A time will available at the end of the lecture.

Thursday, September 18, 2014
19:00 - 20:00
(door opens at 18:45)
Temple University, Japan Campus, Mita Hall, Room 504 (Access)
English (no translation provided)
Registration is now closed.

Lecture Topic

The Changing Nature of Competitive Advantage

This lecture is designed to explain why the rapid use of technology is becoming more important than the development/ownership of technology for firms to build their competitive advantage. Over the years, R&D investment (technology development) has been considered a driving force for firms' competitive advantage. However, in the last 30 years, this logic seems to have been gradually crumbling down, silently superseded by firms' ability to swiftly exploit an existing stock of their competitors' knowledge as well as their own and mass-market and mass-distribute their products (technology use).

About the Lecturer

Masaaki Kotabe, Ph.D.

General and Strategic Management / Professor, Temple University

Dr. Masaaki 'Mike' Kotabe is a Professor of General and Strategic Management. He holds Ph.D. from Michigan State University and is the Washburn Chair Professor of International Business and Marketing and Director of Research, the Institute of Global Management Studies. He currently serves as the Editor of the Journal of International Management.

Prior to joining Temple University in 1998, he was Ambassador Edward Clark Centennial Endowed Fellow and Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Kotabe served as the Vice President of the Academy of International Business in 1997-98. He was also elected a Fellow of the Academy of International Business for his significant contribution to international business research and education in 1998.

Dr. Kotabe has written more than 100 scholarly publications, including the following books, Global Sourcing Strategy: R & D, Manufacturing, Marketing Interfaces (1992), Anticompetitive Practices in Japan (1996), Market Revolution in Latin America: Beyond Mexico (2001), Global Supply Chain Management (2006), and Global Marketing Management, 5th ed. (2010).

Ph.D., M.B.A., Michigan State University

You can read his complete profile and list of research & publications on his website.