Program Goals

The Executive MBA (EMBA) program at the Fox School of Business takes a rigorous, interactive approach to providing seasoned business professionals with the multidisciplinary knowledge, tools and skills required of leading executives and successful strategists.

Learning in the EMBA Program at the Fox School of Business is team-based, and many assignments and projects are collaborative so that participants can leverage the talents and experiences of their peers to maximize team performance. The following five main learning goals form the basis of the Fox EMBA program:

1. To possess analytical and quantitative problem solving skills.

Program participants will analyze firm, industry and market performance using accounting and financial information, and manage business outcomes using quantitative tools and statistical analysis.

2. To possess effective management skills for a global business environment.

Participants will evaluate differences in global business environments (cultural, political, economic and legal) across countries and the impact of these differences on business operations and strategies.

3. To be effective communicators.

Program participants will formulate and defend reasoned arguments, apply clear and concise communication skills in written form, and deliver a presentation in a professional and engaging manner.

4. To be aware of ethical issues and their implications in decision making.

Participants will assess the impact of cultural and psychological factors on ethical decision making, recognize the factors and stakeholders in an ethical situation, and propose and evaluate alternative decisions and defend the chosen solution from an ethical perspective.

5. To be strategic thinkers.

Program participants will integrate knowledge across disciplines, gather and use information for competitive advantage, and identify business opportunities to recombine resources in novel ways.