The Fox Faculty

Fox School professors are consistently producing highly innovative scholarly work. In 2010-11, Fox faculty published more than 120 articles in top-tier referred journals. Fox professors provide cutting-edge knowledge in the classroom and utilize their best technology and teaching methods. Executive MBA (EMBA) faculty are mainly drawn from the senior ranks of Temple University's Fox School of Business in Philadelphia, United States. Select others are chosen, for their unique management specialties, from other similarly accredited universities and businesses in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Faculty Profiles

Fox School of Business prides itself on the quality of instruction in the classroom. Faculty members who have been teaching in the EMBA program include the following:

Dumm, Randy E., Ph.D.

Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management / Professor, Temple University

Dr. Randy E. Dumm is a Professor in the Department of Risk, Insurance, & Healthcare Management at Temple University where he supports the program’s research and expansion efforts and teaches courses in insurer operations and international risk management. He is a member of the Risk Theory Society and has been a visiting professor at Ludwigs Maximilian University, Hannover-Leibnitz University, Fudan University, Krems University of Applied Science, and he taught at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in 2004 as a Fulbright Scholar.

Ph.D., University of Georgia

English, Philip, Ph.D.,CFA

Finance / Assistant Professor, Temple University

Dr. Phil English has served as a professor for over 20 years creating and teaching courses designed for students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional level. His experience in higher education has included teaching internationally in Prague for Texas Tech and The UAE with the University of Abu Dhabi. He received his PhD from the University of South Carolina, MBA and undergraduate degrees from VA Tech and has earned the right to use the (R) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation of the CFA Institute.

Ph.D., University of South Carolina
MBA, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Gershon, Mark E., Ph.D.

Management Science, Operations Management / Professor and Chair, Temple University

Dr. Gershon is a professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. He began his career as a quality engineer with the Project Management office at the Army's Armaments Development Command. He then worked as a project manager for Control Data Corporation, responsible for software development applications and consulting projects for the minerals industry, before joining Temple in 1983. Besides earning a Professional Engineer's license, he holds certification as a Project Management Professional and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Ph.D., University of Arizona

Hochner, Arthur, Ph.D.

Human Resource Management / Associate Professor, Temple University

Dr. Hochner has been a valuable member of the Fox School's faculty since 1978, after he received his Ph.D. from Harvard University. Over two thousand BBA, MBA and EMBA students have benefited from his courses on power and negotiation, which rely on student participation in experiential exercises. Professor Hochner brings unique insight and perspective to the classroom. He has over 20 years of hands-on union-management negotiation experience as president and chief negotiator for the Temple Association of University Professionals, representing over 1,200 full-time faculty and staff at Temple. In 2008, he and colleagues Dr. Deanna Geddes and Dr. Stuart Schmidt published the third edition of their text, Power and Negotiations in Organizations (Kendall Hunt).

Ph.D., Harvard University

Malandra, Marco, CPA

Accounting / Associate Professor, Temple University

Professor Malandra has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate financial, managerial, and tax accounting courses at Temple University’s Fox School of Business since 1986. He has also taught Temple-Rome in 2014, and various Executive MBA courses in Singapore, Tokyo, Cali, Morocco, Beijing, the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, and in the Masters of Accountancy Program, as well as undergraduate courses at Seton Hall, Widener, and Eastern Universities, and at Philadelphia Community College.

CPA, Golden Gate University

Murphy, Frederic, Ph.D.

Management Science, Operations Management / Professor, Temple University

Dr. Murphy has been teaching and practicing management science/operations research for over 30 years. Prior to coming to Temple University, he worked for the Energy Information Administration at the U.S. Department of Energy, forecasting and analyzing policy impacts on energy markets. He has continued working with the Energy Information Administration on modeling and developing solution algorithms for the major energy sectors in the National Energy Modeling System. His research areas include computing large-scale economic equilibria, understanding market power in electricity restructuring, and using market models to develop business strategies for commodity industries. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, US Department of Energy, and Shell and Amoco oil companies. He was also a recipient of the Musser Award for research.

Ph.D., Yale University

Portwood, James, Ph.D.

Human Resource Management / Professor, Temple University

Dr. Portwood currently serves as the Director of Temple's Center for European Studies, and since 1990, he has been an adjunct Professor of Management at the Graduate School of Business, Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. As a Fulbright Fellow, he has led several projects promoting economic and social transformation in Eastern Europe. He is an active scholar in the areas of International Human Resource Management, Global Change, and the Human Side of Organizational Transitions. His current interests include tracking international labor market trends, especially the increasing use of contingent workers, and the impact of Eastern Europe economic transitions on career opportunities for native and foreign professionals.

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Rivera, Michael, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship / Executive MBA Academic Director

Dr. Michael J. Rivera is the Academic Director of the Fox Executive MBA program. He is also the Director of the Fox Center for Executive Education, which provides impactful non-credit workshops to corporations. Dr. Rivera has served as Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs at Montgomery County CC, leading collaborative strategic and project planning efforts for all five academic divisions within the college as well as managing and supervising 700 full and part-time faculty. His energy and passion for teaching are apparent as he provides a dynamic experience for students, leaving them with valuable skills necessary for success in the business world. His impact extends beyond higher education as he is actively involved in research projects, consulting services, and launching a start-up; all reinforcing his dedication to the fields of innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, and analytics.

Ph.D., Purdue University

Rosich, Meri, Ph.D.

International Business / Adjunct Professor, Temple University, Japan Campus

Originally from Barcelona, Dr. Rosich has worked around the world in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. She received education in Creative Arts with an MA; in business, with an MBA from the London Business School; and in tech with a PhD in VR Strategy Magna Cum Laude with European Mention and Six Sigma Consulting Certifications. With an entrepreneurial mindset, she is a co-founder of Quality Time a mobile publisher, an adviser to technology start-ups, a mentor at incubation programs, and a teacher at MBA innovation courses. She is passionate about inclusive leadership.

Ph.D., University of Barcelona
MBA, London Business School

Valenza, Michael, J.D.

Legal Studies / Associate Professor and Chair, Temple University

Professor Valenza joined the Fox School in 1981, after having been engaged as a litigator in complex civil matters in the Philadelphia area and also serving as associate corporate counsel for Philadelphia (now Independence) Blue Cross. In addition to a law degree, Professor Valenza holds a Master's Degree in International Relations with a concentration in international economics and has pursued post-graduate education in estate planning. His research activities include such diverse areas as institutional liability issues, employer liability, international business liability issues, and real estate. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Real Estate Law Journal.

J.D. Temple University
M.A. University of Pennsylvania