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Student Profile

Pie chart of student nationality: Japan 61%, USA 25%, Other 14%

Data from Spring 2018

In Tokyo, we host students of all ages and backgrounds from many countries. Our youngest student is 22, while our most senior student is close to 65. The average student is around 35. Our Tokyo-based students include attorneys, patent agents, legal department staff, paralegals, professionals, professors, corporate directors, translators, graduate students, and other qualified individuals looking to advance their careers. A large contingent of J.D. students from the U.S. joins us every spring, and some remain for summer classes.

Alumni Profile

We have a growing alumni network in Japan. Our alumni work in domestic and multinational law firms, corporate legal departments, banks, securities firms, government agencies, and universities not only in Japan but throughout the world. Organizations highly value our graduates because of their legal training, their knowledge of U.S. and international law, their transnational interests, and their motivation.

What Our Students and Alumni Are Saying

J.D. Semester Abroad Program

Fiamma Rago

3rd year law student at Temple University

Han Gil Lee

3rd year law student at Temple University

Manishi Rodrigo

3rd year law student at Temple University

Kadija Deen

3rd year law student at Temple University

David Thomas

2nd year (former evening student) at Temple University

Samora Noguera

3rd year law student at Temple University

LL.M. Programs

Shiori Yamamoto


Yoshio Murai


Kyoko Yamamura


Jitsuro Morishita


Yukiko Kiso

LL.M. (Class of 2013)

Hiroshi Yamashita

LL.M. (Class of 2012)

Kazuko Sawada

LL.M. (Class of 2011)