2-Credit CLE Event - US Patent Law and Its Effect on Business Today

Temple Law Japan is honored to present Mr. Tiberiu (Ted) Weisz, P.E., Principal at Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C., as a special guest speaker for a 2-credit CLE seminar on the topic US Patent Law and Its Effect on Business Today.

Thursday, October 30, 2014
19:00 - Presentation
21:15 - End
Temple University, Japan Campus, Mita Hall 5th Floor (Access)
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Attendance Fee:
¥5,000 for attendees requiring CLE credit.
(Free to anyone not requiring credit)

The talks are open to anyone interested; you do not have to be seeking CLE credit, nor do you even have to be a lawyer. All talks are in English.

A. Recent Patent Decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)

Synopsis—SCOTUS has been very active lately in the patent area. In fact, Scotus has issued more decisions on patents between 2010 and the first half of 2014 than in the previous thirty years. As these recent decisions have drastically changed several areas of patent law, the seminar will analyze some of them and explain their effects.

B. Design Patents and why does anyone bother?

Synopsis—For a long time, most companies have paid little attention to design patents, frequently filing them almost as an afterthought. The seminar will explain how design patents differ from other kinds of patents, such as utility and utility model patents, outline their advantages and disadvantages, and discuss how to prepare a broad design patent application.

C. Seven reasons for filing patent applications.

Synopsis—Most people think of patents as a means of protecting their innovations. However, there are other reasons to file patent applications. Some of these reasons include financial matters and employee retention. The seminar will analyze these reasons and provide concrete examples to illustrate how IP can be a considerable asset for both large and small companies as well as for well-established companies and new startups just getting ready to move out of somebody’s garage.

About the Speaker

Mr. Tiberiu (Ted) Weisz

Ted Weisz is a highly experienced prosecutor and professional engineer specializing in electrical and mechanical patents. Drawing on his experience in representing corporations and entrepreneurs in complex patent matters, Mr. Weisz has helped convert his clients' concepts into valuable intellectual property through the strategic patenting of their ideas, inventions, and discoveries.

Mr. Weisz has written many applications and rendered patent-related opinions for medical devices—including internal and external pacemakers and defibrillators, cochlear implants, automatic injection devices, infusion pumps, in vivo and vitro testing, Raman backscatter, MRI circuitry, laser surgery, dental devices and procedures, and sleep apnea prevention and control. He has also performed extensive work in other electronic fields, including communications (landline and cellular telephony and switching, Voice over IP, paging), entertainment and multimedia (program distribution and control, HDTV, audio and video signal processing and compression, DVD technology, PVR systems, DRM, digital watermarking, sound and video recording and reproduction, speech recognition and processing), computer-related devices (semiconductor fabrication and circuitry, artificial intelligence), automotive devices (instrumentation, control, and accessories), Internet communications (trading and business methods), and power generation (single and multiphase and distribution systems).

In the field of mechanical engineering, Mr. Weisz's patent prosecution work has included stents, catheters, injection devices, urological instruments and procedures. He has also prosecuted mechanical patents in the industries of papermaking, printing, fabrics (knitting, weaving, and dyeing), automotive (transmissions, airbag systems), packaging (metal, plastic, and paper drums and boxes, containers, closures and hinges, self-lock plastic bags), toys, food technology, sports equipment, jewelry and other accessories.

About CLE Credit

Please bring your state attorney ID number so that you can complete the necessary paperwork. Various states, including California and New York, recognize Pennsylvania CLE credits. However, attorneys are responsible for checking with the CLE board in their jurisdiction before attending the CLE seminar whether Pennsylvania CLE credits will count towards their CLE requirements and what their jurisdiction requires them to do to claim out-of-state CLE credits. Please inform us before the seminar if your CLE board requires anything other than a copy of the Pennsylvania CLE credit form and a certificate of attendance.

Persons who are interested in the topic but who do not require CLE credits are most welcome to attend.