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19:30 (Door open at 19:00)
  • Robert S. Boynton (Professor of Journalism and Director of Literary Reportage, NYU)

NYU Journalism professor Robert Boynton will speak about the eight years he spent reporting on the abduction issue and the challenge of explaining it to an English speaking audience. Rather than focusing on one aspect (history, human rights, diplomacy, activism) The Invitation-Only Zone tells “the story of the story” of how a series of 1970s era kidnappings became the “abduction issue.” Boynton concludes that a sense of loss lies at the emotional heart of the issue, both for the families of the missing, and for the Japanese nation as a whole. Although little progress has been made on an international level, the abduction issue has become a fixture in Japanese…
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19:00 (Door open at 18:30)
  • James D.J. Brown (Associate Professor, Temple University, Japan Campus)
  • Anna Kireeva (Associate Professor, Moscow State Institute of International Relations)
  • Cheng Zheng (Senior Researcher, Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies, Waseda University)

With relations with the West at a historic low, Russia has accelerated its efforts to develop closer ties with Northeast Asia. Central to this strategy is Moscow’s relationship with China, which is now characterized as “the best ever”. With the encouragement of Prime Minister Abe, relations with Japan have also improved significantly, culminating in the year of Japan and Russia in 2018. On the Korean peninsula too, Moscow plays an active role in seeking resolution to the North Korean crisis, while, under President Moon’s “New Northern Policy”, relations with South Korea are also set to receive renewed emphasis. The panelists will assess the causes and significance of these developments, and…
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