Q1. Who can attend TUJ's June 2021 graduation ceremony?

Students eligible to participate in the June 2021 graduation ceremony must belong to one of the following student cohorts:

  • Students who completed all coursework in fall 2020 and have received their diploma.
  • Students who will be completing all remaining coursework in spring 2021 and who applied to graduate in May 2021.
  • TUJ graduates from recent semesters who missed the December 2020 Commencement ceremony due to COVID-19 travel restrictions or other difficulties are also welcome to attend.

To participate, a student must have earned their degree in one of the following semesters:

  • summer 2019
  • fall 2019
  • spring 2020
  • summer 2020
  • fall 2020
  • spring 2021

Q2. When and where does the ceremony take place?

The ceremony takes place at Hitomi Memorial Hall, Showa Women's University. The registration desk on the first floor opens at 12:00 noon. Participating graduates must arrive and check in no later than 13:00. The ceremony starts at 14:30 (see timetable).

Enter the campus from the main gate of Showa Women's University. No access is allowed from the west gate, adjacent to Temple University, Japan Campus.

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, a reception will not be held.

Q3. What should I wear?

You are required to wear academic regalia (a cap, gown and *hood). The vendor, Yanks, offers a special price for TUJ. For more details, refer to the regalia purchase information.
(*hoods are not available for A.A. graduates)

Q4. Will I receive my diploma at the ceremony?

No. Degrees are formally conferred at the ceremony, but participants only receive a diploma case on stage. After the ceremony you will receive instructions by email for downloading, printing and ordering a printed copy of your diploma.

Q5. How long does the ceremony last?

The formal ceremony is approximately two hours (14:30-16:30). See the timetable here.

Q6. Do I need admission ticket? May I bring guests?

There is no admission ticket. However, an eligible graduate must have received an official invitation via TUmail from TUJ and must have registered online. We ask graduates to limit the number of guests at the ceremony to maximum of two guests only due to the seating capacity and social distancing requirements. Guest seating at the ceremony is available on a first come, first served basis for guests.

Q7. What time can my guests arrive?

Guests can arrive any time after 13:00. But the ceremony will not begin until 14:30. You might encourage guests to have lunch before coming to the hall.

Q8. Are there any individual school/college graduation ceremonies?

There will be no separate ceremony for individual schools or colleges at TUJ. Ask your program coordinator for other related events. In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, a reception will not be held.

TUJ2021 Graduation Ceremony


Graduation Ceremony

The TUJ 2021 Graduation Ceremony will be held at Hitomi Memorial Hall on the campus of Showa Women's University.


Hitomi Memorial Hall
1-7-57 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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Temple University, Japan Campus
1-14-29 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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