TUJ Commencement


Eligible graduates (summer and fall) will receive an official e-mail invitation to the ceremony from TUJ by the end of March, while spring graduates will receive an invitation after their graduate application is accepted.


The following students can attend the TUJ Commencement in June:

Undergraduate Program:

  • Undergraduate students who complete all coursework in the August (summer graduates) or December (fall graduates) before the June ceremony and who have received their diploma.
  • Undergraduate students who complete their coursework in the spring semester and who are eligible to graduate in May (spring graduates).

Undergraduate students who do not belong to the categories described above may submit the Petition for Non-Graduates to Attend the University Commencement. Please refer to the Graduation Procedure or contact the Academic Advising Center.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to take part in the June ceremony, please contact the Academic Advising Center.

Graduate Programs:

Please contact the relevant program office about eligibility to participate in the June ceremony.

The Ceremony


TUJ stages Commencements once each year, usually on the first or second Sunday in June. This is the continuation of the Commencement of Temple University, which starts in Philadelphia in May. The ceremony is followed by a reception.


The venue will be announced in the official invitation and posted on the graduation ceremony website after the invitation is mailed.

What do graduates wear?

Graduates must dress in academic regalia (cap and gown, and if you are receiving an advanced degree, an academic hood). The vendor will offer a special price for TUJ. Further information can be found in the invitation.

How long does the ceremony last?

The actual graduation ceremony is approximately two hours, usually from 14:30 to 16:30. Graduates must attend rehearsal and photo shoots beginning at 12:00.

Do graduates need an admission ticket?

There is no admission ticket. An eligible graduate will have received an official invitation letter from TUJ and have either registered online or faxed back the registration form.

May I bring guests?

Each eligible graduate can bring two guests. Guests are welcome any time after 12:00, but the actual ceremony will not begin until 14:30. Seating for guests is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Live Broadcasting

We broadcast the graduation ceremony live online. On-demand viewing is available on the TUJ website after the ceremony.