[Lecture Series 2] "Sexuality Issues: Global Perspectives"

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October 23, 28 and November 15, 20, 2019
19:00 — 20:30
Temple University, Japan Campus, 1F Parliament Student Lounge (Access)

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Hosted by: Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ)

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Lecture 1: "Gender-sensitive Couples Sex Therapy in Japan"

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Shin-Ichi Nakamura, M.D., Nakamura Psychotherapy Institute, Tokyo

It is crucial to consider gender issues when we, as sex therapists, treat sexual problems with couples. I will present a modified clinical case with the ejaculatory disorder in relationship to the couple’s desire to have a child. Through this case you will understand their implicit gender issues, some of which are deeply related to traditional Japanese culture, the so-called “IE(家)” system. People attending this presentation will gain deeper awareness of and be able to discuss gender biases.

Shin-Ichi Nakamura, M.D., Nakamura Psychotherapy Institute, Tokyo

Dr. Nakamura has been working as a psychiatrist at his private office since 1989. Before opening his private practice, he and his colleagues founded the Japan Association of Family Therapy (JAFT) in 1984 and now the association has over 1000 members; psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, social workers and various kind of professionals working with families. He works with couples who have problems with sexual dysfunctions.

He is now the former president of JAFT, a member of American Family Therapy Academy, a board member of the Asian Family Therapy Academy, and a member of Mental Health Professionals in Japan.

Lecture 2: "Body Image Concerns and Gender"

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Rachel Rodgers, associate professor, Department of Applied Psychology, APPEAR, Northeastern University

Body image concerns are prevalent across gender, however they also present gender-specificities and have been shown to be associated with gender roles. This lecture will review the rates and characteristics of body image concerns across genders as well as the sociocultural factors that contribute to gender-specificities. In addition, gender roles and their relationships with body image concerns will be reviewed.

Rachel F. Rodgers, PhD, FAED, associate professor, Department of Applied Psychology, APPEAR, Northeastern University, Boston, USA Department of Psychiatric Emergency & Acute Care, Lapeyronie Hospital, Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire, Montpellier, France

Rachel Rodgers, PhD, FAED, is an associate professor of applied psychology at Northeastern University, and director of the Applied Psychology Program for Appearance and Eating Research (APPEAR). Rodgers received her PhD from the University of Toulouse in France. Her research with APPEAR focuses on body image, disordered eating and other appearance-changing behaviors. Grounded in sociocultural models, this work aims to develop models of the effects of socio-cultural determinants on these behaviors, with a view to prevention of eating disorders and associated concerns at the individual level and also through public policy. She is a collaborating mentor with the STRIPED program, and a member of the Advisory Board of Model Alliance. In addition, she is a fellow of the Academy of Eating Disorders.

Lecture 3: "Body Image and Sexual Experiences among Young Females: Cognitions, Emotions, and Physiological Reactions"

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Yuko Yamamiya, adjunct professor in psychological studies, TUJ

This lecture pertains to how one’s body image influences the number of sexual partners and variety of sexual experiences. And also to how body image is related to sexual decision making, pleasure and anxiety during sex, and regret after sex is explored. Lastly, the relationship between body image and physiological reactions, such as pain and discomfort during sex will be discussed.

Yuko Yamamiya (PhD) researcher of experimental psychopathology

Yuko Yamamiya is an adjunct professor in psychological studies at Temple University, Japan Campus. She teaches “Body Image among Young Females in Contemporary Societies,” as well as a variety of undergraduate psychology courses. She also serves as a research support person for the Department of Psychology at Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, and currently conducts a grant-funded longitudinal study regarding body image of pregnant women.

Yamamiya’s expertise is body-image disturbances and several psychological disorders associated with body-image problems, especially eating disorders. Moreover, she cross-culturally examines the mechanism of body-image development, such as how sociocultural factors and cultural values influence young females’ body image. Recently, her research focus also extends to positive body image.

Yamamiya obtained her PhD in experimental psychopathology from the University of South Florida in 2007. Her professional memberships include the Japanese Society of Public Health, the Academy for Eating Disorders, and the Japanese Association of Health Psychology. In addition, she serves as a peer reviewer for Body Image (Elsevier).

Lecture 4: Co-hosted with Meiji University, "The Multinational Comparative Analysis of Young Adults’ Sexuality — Including Japan, Poland, the USA and German speaking Countries"

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Dariusz P. Skowronski, assistant professor in psychological studies, TUJ

The lecture introduces and offers academic discussion of new findings of a multinational research project, which are the result of long-term academic collaboration of Temple University, Japan Campus; Meiji University, Tokyo University, and Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland. The presenter will discuss a broad spectrum of sexual phenomena and sexual expressions of young adults, based on the interdisciplinary and comprehensive analysis of research data.

Dariusz P. Skowronski (PhD), psychologist & clinical sexologist

Dariusz P. Skowronski is an assistant professor in psychological studies at Temple University, Japan Campus. He teaches “Human Sexuality”, “Clinical Sexology in the Japanese Context”, and other psychology courses. He is also a psychotherapist specializing in clinical sexology and sexual therapy. He trained in Poland and Australia and is available for face-to-face counseling in the Tokyo area, and offers video-based online counseling as well.

His fields of academic and clinical expertise include a wide range of marital, relationship, gender, and sexuality issues, sex education and sexual development, sexual health and satisfaction, sexual disorders, sexual addictive behaviors and sexual abuse. Skowronski also works in the area of cross-cultural psychology with a special emphasis on international couples and marriages.

Skowronski obtained his PhD in social and behavioral sciences from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland in 2002, and completed postgraduate work on gender and human sexuality with the Polish Sexological Society, Warsaw. Skowronski was a faculty member in the Sexual Health graduate program at the University of Sydney from 2005-2008 and collaborated closely with the Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists, New South Wales. He also taught psychology at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore, as well as at Waseda University and Sophia University in Tokyo. The Australian Psychological Society recognized his psychology qualifications, and currently he is a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (United Kingdom), the Polish Sexological Society, and the Japan Association of Family Therapy.